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As usual, I booked my room using with a feeling of comfort knowing that Marriott would meet or beat other website's rates for their own rooms.  Soon that comfort became a feeling of irritation as I looked for fun at  Amazingly, they had a lower rate.  No worries, I simply completed a claim.  The claim came back as 'denied' because one of the nights I had was lower than the rate from Expedia, but the other nights were not.  On average, I was paying significantly more on my stay by using Marriott's website.  I called the Elite line hoping that this matter would be quickly resolved.  I spoke with a representative that connected me with her supervisor that stated she was a "Corporate Supervisor."  I felt that my matter would be resolved; however, she stated she didn't know much about the program/claim process, couldn't help me, and then hung up on me.  It was a very interesting response and performance from a supervisor.  Therefore, as one would guess, the Best Rate Guarantee is truly a marketing ploy to have customers fall into a false sense of security.  Buyer Beware--check all of the other websites to make sure you are getting a fair price.  Most importantly, please avoid that helpful supervisor in your future interactions with Marriott.



Posted by j512cla Dec 19, 2019

I have attempted to reach out through phone and social media to file a dispute. This concern pertains to a two night stay at Cosmopolitan Marriott Las Vegas. With as much as I stay at Cosmopolitan and with as much I paid to enjoy Wicked Spoon, STK and the Juice Bar, and as much as I gamble I earned either complimentary stays or discounted room rates, in order to earn you must also sign up as a Cosmopolitan Identity Member. Being both Marriott and Identity Member. Oh by the way, you are allowed to transfer your marriott points over to Identity to gamble! I have been told because I’m a Platinum member which I get recognized for at Marriott Cosmopolitan I’m given bottles of water, Wi-Fi is a given. Now that you’ve been brief.  

. I totally understand I am not earning points for Comp Stays but I was informed by the staff at Cosmo at Checkin and upon checking out,  I would only earn my Tier night stays. I was reading your section: A “Stay” is a stay of one or more consecutive nights at the same Participating Property by a Member who: (A) provides his/her Membership Number at the time of reservation or at check-in; (B) pays a Qualifying Rate or redeems a Points redemption Award or a “PROMOTIONAL Award”for the stay; and (C) stays in one of the reserved guest rooms. If a Member checks out of a guest room and then checks back in to a guest room at the same Participating Property within 24 hours, it will count as a single stay for purposes of calculating Stays and issuing Member benefits. 
On ( B)a promotional stay, isn’t my nights of Oct 30-Nov 1st consider the meaning of promotional stays? 

I presented my credit card, along with my Marriott Rewards number as stated in section A and definitely abide to section C as well. On Monday I spoke to Brandon and Delorea in Guest Services and stated they would look into it as well. Delorea, stated this happens a lot with Marriott Bonvoy members and their identity members. For future and to clarify if I earned comp nights they be useless if I can’t earn my Tier nights and not earn any benefits by staying at Cosmopolitan, is that correct?  Did this change upon the merger with SPG

Once again, A “Stay” is a stay of one or more consecutive nights at the same Participating Property by a Member who: (A) provides his/her Membership Number at the time of reservation or at check-in; (B) pays a Qualifying Rate or redeems a Points redemption Award or a “PROMOTIONAL Award” for the stay; and (C) stays in one of the reserved guest rooms.

Prior to booking and reserving the room I contacted Marriott Elite Platinum Guest Care Supervisor Tawanda  to confirm if I would earn TIER NIGHT STAYS, she 110% assured me. So then I contacted directly Cosmopolitan and booked my room, at that time I asked again.  Was told I would not earn points but I should earn nights stays. My reply was if I had known after all these years I could be earning TIER nights stays, I would definitely make it a point to be in Vegas every two-three months and never had a clue I could use my comp nights and still earn at least TIER Nights to go towards my elite status. Now for sure I would make it a point to do so. Upon, my arrival on Oct 30 through Nov 1, 2019 my nightmare would start.  When checking in the gentleman at guest services made sure my marriott rewards number was on my room, and so I can earn TIER night stays, no points, no bonus points just TIER nights to go towards my rewards. He assured me!!!!’  Upon, checking out the front desk lady once again assured me. So from a Supervisor at Guest care to the hotel every single person stated the same thing, 6 yes 6 people all told me the same!!!! Then upon my return I noticed I NEVER got my Tier nights. 

Please review and comply to my Tier nights stays to be earned so I can renew my Platinum Status. Much appreciated and consideration 


JoAnn L



Receipt Frustration!

Posted by 286151222 Dec 10, 2019

Extremely frustrated that I cannot pull a receipt on this website.  The hotel was supposed to email the receipt to me and failed to do so and when I called them this morning, their systems were down.  Instead of asking for my information, they advised me to try to call back later.  I then go to my Bonvoy account and cannot locate my receipt.  If Bonvoy can get all this other content on their website, why can they not get the basics done for their loyal customers?


Still nobody home at Marriott

Posted by bajcpa Sep 18, 2019

Re: yesterday’s post about my broken window - still no response from Marriott. The claims department has my phone number...hey! I’ll bet their phones are out of order!  Surely, any company which cares about it’s customers would respond timely to a legitimate complaint, right? Right?  


Marriott, where are you?

Posted by bajcpa Sep 17, 2019

 On August 22, my wife and I stayed at the Courtyard in Goodlettsville, TN. At 2:30 AM we were awakened by a loud 

pounding on our door. It was the Goodlettsville Police Department, informing us that our car window had been broken, along with 7 or 8 others. After talking with Detective Baker, we understand that this is not an uncommon occurrence and that the hotel has declined to provide security. The assistant GM, Michael Norris, has been very accommodating, and has referred the matter to the claims department, but in the intervening three weeks, the claims people refuse to call me back.  Now, you know that the common defense is,”There is a sign posted that states we have no liability...” .  There are many court decisions which hold that liability cannot be disclaimed by such a sign, and that this position is a violation of public policy. What Marriott needs to understand is that I am not going to go away. I have a bill for $345 for window replacement, and I insist that I be reimbursed. My final remedy, of course, is simply to never stay with Marriott again. As a long-time Gold member, I really expected better treatment.  I may need to turn this matter over to my attorney son, who is the meanest, nastiest junkyard lawyer you have ever seen. If I do take that step, someone at Marriott is going to have a very bad experience.


Tokyo Reservations

Posted by j512cla Aug 12, 2019

The schedule is now open for Tokyo Olympics but not allowing us to search for our hotel. I contacted reservation and they have no clue why no hotels are showing availability. I also have been saving all my points to book my rooms. Is this going to be an option? I was able to do so for Río’s Olympics. 


Mitsubishi Thermostat

Posted by kenluk5 Aug 11, 2019

Spring Hill Suites - Mitsubishi Thermostat 

This darn thing is miserable.  It is set to heat on Aug 10th.  Seriously...  can’t make the room get any cooler b/c it will not switch from Heat to AC.  Hope you enjoy your room at 74/75 degrees.  We tried to set it at 68.  No dice.  Has not been below 73 and since you are unable to turn the AC on, it is a warm 73.  Ugh...


Riley Family Travels

Posted by cajunprince Jul 11, 2019

My family and I love to travel. I have been traveling all over since I was two years old growing up in Louisiana. My father worked for Texaco at that time one of the Biggest Oil Filed Companies. He had us traveling all over this beautiful country at the age of two years. Now I find myself traveling with my family like my father did for my brother and sister and mother. I think traveling all over is very good for kids it makes them well rounded and cultured meeting new people and seeing new places. Also give them the experience in traveling they can always say I have been there and seen this place or that place. In our travels we always stayed at a Marriott maybe Holiday Inn Nine times out of ten we were in Marriott Hotels. So I love Marriott Brands. Now my wife loves Marriott and she is always looking to see where to travel to next. In this blog I will share a few places.


On July 4th, we officially celebrate the birth of our nation (United States of America) and what better way to celebrate than heading over to our nation's capitol and experiencing it for yourself.  Take in the museums, monuments, and explore our diverse and rich culture. Lounge on the national mall and see the fireworks display over the city.  Its a great experience.  I have been fortunate enough to do this several times.


Its a real shame that for some unknown reason the latest issue of Marriott Bonvoy Traveler: titled "Where to Celebrate the Red, White and Blue on a July 4th Weekend Getaway" did not even mention our nation's capitol?  That was very disappointing.


There are plenty of great Marriott Hotels to stay in Washington D.C.  I have much enjoyed staying here:


  1. The JW Marriott Washington Hotel Near White House - National Mall | JW Marriott Washington, DC
  2. The historic Mayflower Boutique Hotel Washington, D.C. | The Mayflower Hotel, Autograph Collection
  3. The downtown Weston Downtown Washington, D.C. Hotels | The Westin Washington, D.C. City Center 


If you cant make it for the July 4th celebration, Washington D.C. is still a great place to visit anytime to learn about our nation and how it works today.


TownePlace Suites Wichita East

Posted by wsm78 Apr 4, 2019

I've stayed at TownePlace Suites by Marriott Wichita East in Wichita, Kansas, a number of times since last summer and have been really impressed with this hotel. Prior to the SPG/Marriott Rewards combination, my Wichita hotel of choice was Aloft Wichita; after the loyalty programs combined in August 2018, I started to venture out to the various Marriott-branded hotels in the city. I've found myself returning to TownePlace Suites Wichita East not only because the price is right, but also because it's clean, modern, brightly-lit and completely inoffensive in the best possible way. While I love a sumptuous, wallpapered to the nth-degree Sheraton or Westin suite in a city-center high-rise, there's something refreshing about these clean, bright, freshly-painted rooms: the two-room layout is my favorite, as it makes me feel like I'm staying in a modest apartment or guest house. Maybe this is what I want when I'm travelling for work: something that makes me feel like I'm staying at a friend's place and not quite so removed from how I actually live (because really, I'd only run into the walls if my hallways were as dark and moody as those found in an Aloft). The staff here is friendly and competent, professional and nice, and I like that when I'm checking in and out of a hotel. I don't always need an over-the-top greeting; sometimes just a simple welcome is all it takes.


I've included some photos of the room and view from my most recent stay. TownePlace Suites Wichita East may not be the most spectacular offering in Marriott's portfolio, but it's definitely worth checking out if your travels ever bring you to Wichita, Kansas, as mine have.


A view of the sitting area and bedroom as seen from the kitchenette. Note the vaulted ceilings; this is a top-floor room.The small, comfortable sofa-bed in the sitting area.The kitchenette and work area of the room. The cabinets contain dishware and utensils for use.The bedroom features a queen-size bed in this room; other suites contain double beds or king-size beds. The two-room layout features a second television in the bedroom and a small closet with shelving.The bathroom has usable drawers in the vanity for storage and plenty of bright lighting.

Amidst all the different pros/cons of the Marriott Vacation Club membership ("time shares" and "destination points"), my wife and I are looking forward to our planned trips in 2019.

We begin with six nights at the Hilton Head Island, S.C. Grande Ocean (ocean front villa) this month, when our oldest daughter (age 55) and one of her walking friends, will join us. The Grande Ocean is perhaps the signature villa on H.H., where there are six other villa complexes, all with own individual features.

This complex, just outside Sea Pines Plantation, affords excellent opportunities for beach walking, bike riding and hiking on protected trails throughout the island;   indoor, heated swimming pool; exercise room overlooking the beach and multiple nearby restaurants, for which Hilton Head is well known. 

By the way, Hilton Head Island has again been voted, "Best Island in the U.S." -

Why Hilton Head Is the Best Island in the U.S. | Travel + Leisure 


Then, in late May, we're returning to another favorite MVC - Ocean Watch at North Myrtle Beach, S.C. - for four nights.

Lastly, we're headed to California in late September for five nights at the Newport Beach MVC, a new experience there for us; therefore, no photos to post yet. However, we've got neighbors who have stayed here on several occasions and highly recommend this facility as well.

We've scheduled these trips on a minimal number of "Destination Points", having been members since 2012. 


Always Dependable

Posted by omegaet1 Nov 5, 2018

Fairfield Inn & Suites Orlando Kissimmee/Celebration  property is my “go to” place when doing business in Celebration, Florida. 


The staff is efficient - from check-in thru complementary breakfast - thru check-out. 


A wide selection of casual dining places within easy walking distance or a short drive. 


I always manage to get a room on the top floor away from the main road.


Always seems to be good parking available, making it easy to haul gear in and out of my room!


Big rounds of thanks to all team members who work there!

For years, I’ve been searching for the perfect NY hotel — good location, clean and business-traveler friendly room, modern, great service, and a price that doesn’t break the bank.  The NY Edition checks all but the last box.  


Location - you’re located right next to Madison Square Park and a ton of great restaurants/stores.  You can get the best prime rib sandwich in NYC at Eataly across the street, then work it off at the Peloton studio a few blocks away.  The area is not busy with tourists.


The room was fantastic.  Very spacious for a NY hotel.  The closet was the size of a bathroom at most hotels.  The television had to be at least 70 inches, and offered the ability to log in to your Netflix and YouTube account.    As a business traveler, a good work space is important to me.  This had an excellent work space.  It’s not a desk but a large table with a couch on one side of it and a cushioned bench on the other side of it. I loved it because I had room to spread out my papers, laptop, snacks, etc., while sitting in a comfortable seat.  The room had a nice B&O speaker you can connect by bluetooth to your phone.laptop.  


The bathroom was nice and the soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and all the other amenities were second only to Molton Brown.  There’s a well stocked mini-bar and the prices, while high, are not insane.  The robe is one of the most comfortable hotel robes I’ve experienced — really soft, light, and good size.


What is insanely priced, however, is room service.  But you won’t need to order it.  There are so many good places to eat within one or two blocks.  I hear the Clock Tower restaurant is excellent.  I may try it if I return.  


Though the walls of the room had no artwork, I was fine with that because of the enormous headboard and the large window that had an awesome view of the Freedom Tower.  


The bed deserves its own paragraph.  The sheets were incredibly soft and the mattress was perfect.  Definitely one of my favorite hotel beds of all time.  


Service - the best way to describe the service is friendly, unobtrusive, helpful, and genuine.  The check-in process was smooth.  I was given a room even though I was checking in at 1 pm.  


The price - this is what may potentially be a long term dealbreaker for me.  I travel a lot for work.  I can’t stay at hotels that cost several hundred dollars, so I may have to save this hotel for the low season travel.  Nevertheless, it rivals any Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton I’ve stayed at in the past and I’m sure it will have no trouble filling up.    


In short, I HIGHLY recommend this property if you can swing it.  

Last week I had organized a small get together with my family and friends. We travelled from Wisconsin, DC, New jersey and Georgia to spend some good quality time with each other in Miami.


In our group, we had small baby and few people allergic to outside food, so I preferred to stay in Residence Inn, since it comes with full kitchen. Though this hotel is far from downtown and food joints, we preferred it, because of kitchen.


4 Rooms which were allocated to us had good space. We stayed in rooms 220,420,520 and 518.


Main problem we had with our stay was kitchen utensils and cookware. All the utensils were old. In cookware, Teflon coating was coming off. When we cooked food, we could see Teflon coating pieces in food. This was serious problem, since one of my family member is very sensitive towards food and things can serious harm her health.


 When we checked with reception, they just handed over one pan. I was surprised with their response. You call RESIDENCE INN as full kitchen hotel.  I believe their hands are tied, what else they can do, they did what they were told to do.


After that, we bought kitchen utensils and cookware from outside and had to trash it on return.


I will not recommend this hotel for anyone. Since it can put your health at risk.

Greetings Marriott Insiders, TJCNewYork is back!


Taking a break from the 'race to Lifetime Platinum', let's shift gears and refocus on what this community likes to do - travel!


Here are a few postcards from a recent trip to Montreal Old Port. We spent the first two nights in Delta by Marriott Montreal and the last two nights in Springhill Suites Old Montreal. The Delta Montreal is iconic Marriott with large guest rooms, Concierge Lounge and on-site dining, and so on. The primary features of the Springhill Suites Old Montreal is the location, the service, and convenience. The property is steps away from Old Montreal, Place Jacques Cartier, Vieux Port, cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, and boutiques.


Panoramic view of Place Jacques Cartier in Old Montreal


Panoramic view of Montreal from the deck of Le Bateau Mouche which you can board from Au Vieux-Port.


Panoramic view of the interior of Jardin Nelson in Place Jacques Cartier in Old Montreal.


The Jardin Nelson is an 8-minute walk from the Springhill Suites Old Montreal. This cafe/restaurant is open from 11:30 in the morning and closes depending upon the season and weather between 10 pm and 1 am. We came here for dessert and enjoyed an unexpected performance from a live Jazz band. We came back for a full dinner and instrumental Jazz. You won't be disappointed. The French adopted Jazz as their own and there's Jazz entertainment every day.