• Parking Fees for Platinum & Titanium Elite

    Hi, everyone!   Maybe I am spoiled because I live in Florida, where parking has never been an issue, BUT I always feel rather baffled when I am charged $30+ for overnight parking in hotels with plenty of availa...
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  • MegaBonus 2020

    Any ideas what it will be yet?
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  • What are the 50-Night Choice Benefits for 2020

    communitymanagers can you advise us on when the 50-Night Choice Benefits will be announced for 2020? I went to the link from last year and received the following message: "The 2019 Annual Choice benefit deadline has ...
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  • "Pay and Stay" Policy, not receiving credit for stays booked on company card

    Recently, my company has switched policy so that instead of booking hotels on our own personal cards, payment is through a seperate company card. That is fine and all, but I have noticed that I am no longer receiving ...
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  • Hilton is Testing Confirming SNAs at Booking

    See the Points Guy story here: Hilton Piloting Confirmed Suite Night Upgrades at Booking    Competition is good. Perhaps Marriott could test the same with me -:)   What do Insiders think?
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  • A Lesson Learned at MVC

    Last year at a sales presentation we were offered a Encore Package. It was for 5 days, 4 nights at select properties. The price was $995; we put down $195 and were able to make $100 payments for 8 months. Now we just ...
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  • Which do you prefer, the old rewards program or the new one?

    Which do you prefer, the old rewards program or the new one? The more and more I read about the changes to the rewards program, I'm starting to feel ripped off. First, the Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite Program being...
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  • Idiotic AI (or CSR) Resoonses

    Once again I send a very specific note using the Missing Stay link, pointing out that Courtyard failed to credit correct points.  I’d booked the 2K bonus promo and included the receipt pdf which even s...
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  • What Triggers a Targeted Promotion?

    I have been reading many posts about past and current targeted promotions that different members have and are getting. I however, have not seen a targeted promotion in a very long time. Is it because I am already Life...
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  • Where was your last Marriott stay and were you upgraded to a Suite???

    Please let Insider's know where your last Marriott stay was and whether or not you were upgrade to a Suite.  This will give Insider's a read on whether or not they have a good chance of getting a suite upgrade......
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  • When Do Additional Elite Status Years Get Posted?

    For those of us who came from the Marriott world, our accounts now have a new feature:  they list how many years we attained the various status levels, ie., Silver, Gold, and Platinum. We now need this because th...
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  • Sheraton

    Following the ranking which Sheraton brand received in the recent rank your brands thread. I’d just like to give my support to the Sheraton brand based on my experience in the last 12 months.   I was gener...
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  • An Encore For Suite Night Awards

    Posts roll off the board so quickly it's difficult to keep track. Late last year someone posted about the mythical Suite Night Awards aka SNA's. In that conversation, I expressed agreement with the premise that SNA's ...
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  • Ambassador Status Spend Issue

    We accrued over 100 nights in 2019, so the only question as to whether we would reach ambassador status for 2020 was with spend. We were told that all spend accrued before the end of the year would apply towards ambas...
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  • Lifetime Titanium Elite Card

    So I received my Lifetime Titanium Elite card in the mail today!  It's a steel card (not Titanium, go figure...), with your name and membership number on the back.  It's nice, but it would add weight to your...
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  • Zero points earning for cash + points redemptions?

    Hey everyone, wondering what your thoughts are around the cash + points redemptions and how they result in no points earnings. I recently stayed at a Sheraton and decided to split the payment as i didn’t want to...
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  • Marriott Rewards vs Chase Sapphire

    I have been a Marriott member for 28 years. I am lifetime platinum. Retired now so points are harder to come by. I am earning most of my points with Chase rewards. To redeem a room with Marriott points at the Spring...
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  • Griffin Club- Club 91 - Lounge

    Hello I start at Marriott Bonvoy points. I understand recently that we can stay at the JW Cancun resort and can benefit from Club 91. Being new to the Marriott, I wondered how it worked. Can we pay with our room point...
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  • Annual Points Certificate for Bonvoy Credit Card Holders

    The Annual Points Certificate for Bonvoy Credit Card Holders is set at 35,000 points annually.  As Marriott continues to adjust up the point requirements for most of its properties (peak, category increases, etc....
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  • Breakfast Inclusion

    I am Ambassador Elite so one guest may join me for Breakfast, however there are some Bonvoy brands extend Breakfast to others, beyond myself and 1 guest.   I am looking to stay  in Florence Italy a few night...
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