Le Meridien Mexico City Review

Blog Post created by jwnear on Jan 8, 2020

I wasn't initially planning on doing a review. However, when I did a post asking about what warrants a complaint, they suggested I write a review so others would know about my specific experience and what to expect.


I recently stayed at the Le Meridien Mexico City between Christmas and NYE (12/27 - 12/30). I want to start with the fact that the room I ended up with was ideal for my travel situation: three males in their late 20's. Also, Mexico City itself if awesome, and I highly recommend visiting. I live in Dallas, so it''s an easy 2.5 hour flight for a nice 3 day weekend.


Since I haven't written one of these before, I don't want to do just list the pros and cons, I figured a little context would be helpful in knowing the ins and outs of why I think I ultimately didn't have the best stay.


This was a guys trip, so we didn't need the nicest place, and we weren't planning on spending a lot of time in the room. We wanted something that offered at least two beds and a pull-out couch, and the 2 Queen Superior Suite had that. This way everyone had their own sleeping area, and we would have tons of room for our stuff to go, as we are messy guys.


The location also played a factor, as it's right of the Paseo de la Reforma, a very prominent street. We felt equidistant to the historic center, Polanco, and Chapultepec park. We could get anywhere in a decent amount of time. Given Mexico City's traffic, this was a huge selling point.


We didn't book flights for this trip as one of the guys works for American Airlines, and we flew non-revenue standby. That was an issue in itself, but due to the flight situation I needed to add a night to my reservation. When I called to add the additional night they said the same room wasn't available to add, I'd have to do a different room. The Marriott app on my iPhone also said that. This was a non-starter based on the situation the guys wanted room wise. However, if I booked one night by itself on the app, I could the night of December 26th itself. I figured at the hotel, I'd ask if we didn't have to change rooms for the remaining nights. I booked the night, canceled the night, then re-booked based on the details my AA friend was giving me.


Due to our flight issues, we didn't technically make it on December 26. We arrived at 3:00am on December 27. When we tried to check-in the front desk said we were way too early and that check-in wasn't until 3:00pm. I explained the separate reservations and it technically be the 26th for the first night, she claimed it was canceled. After some back and forth, we finally got checked in and she confirmed we wouldn't need to change rooms the rest of the weekend.


At this point, all of us just wanted to sleep. On the way up the bellhop takes us to the room, notifies us that this little nook area by the elevators will always be stocked with water, newspaper, and snacks, all hours of the day. It wasn't, nor was it ever supplied the rest of the stay. Once we get to the room, we were given a king bed with no pull-out couch bed. Even though we were exhausted, we decided to call down and get our rooms switched. We got the room changed, and it was the correct room.


Now, we feel like we are good to go. From here is really when we felt our stay started to sour. I felt the context above was important, because it points to some general issues, factors in I did make adjustments to a reservation, and how some of it might have caused the pros and cons below.


So now to the list.


  • Location – Absolutely great spot on Reforma. Easy to get to a lot of the parts of the city. You walk out of the building and can walk around to shops, markets, and the Monumento a la Revolucion is a block behind the hotel.
  • Room – The room was ideal for size and the amount of beds. Overall it was nice. Had the USB plug ins, which is great since I only have one three prong plug in I use interchangeably for my devices with a USB cord.
  • Price – What we paid for room wise, and my overall thoughts on how nice the hotel was, it was a bargain. Helps that the MXN is miniscule to the USD. Also, in general, I found CDMX to be a relatively inexpensive place to visit when it came to restaurants, bars, touristy things.
  • Overall Look – The hotel itself was very nice, clean, and for a category 4 Marriott, it was rather upscale.


  • Service – This was an entire hotel thing. From checking in to the restaurant staff and cleaning staff, the service was terrible. We didn’t receive new towels one day when they cleaned the room. Another time, we requested towels be sent up and they never came. The restaurant service was the worst. One day I ate breakfast alone, and it took 5 minutes for anyone to acknowledge I needed to be seated. Once seated, I wasn’t served for over 15 minutes until I approached the server. I asked for water, and had to follow up another 15 minutes later before I received it. This continued on to the next breakfast with all three guys. Staff didn’t replace some buffet items, took forever to get drinks, etc. I also want to say on both of these occasions, the restaurant was not full or really super busy.
  • Shower – The Shower in our room didn’t drain properly. It was pretty gross until my buddy had to take out the drain stopper completely. We didn’t complain, so we fixed it ourselves, but we got to late starts so by the time the cleaning crew came in, they would have had to have seen standing water in the shower.
  • Guest Cost – By default, I always book rooms with “2” guests, because I just think of myself and my wife. For our room, I said 2 online, and when we checked in with 3, I was charged $40/day for the “Additional guest”. Probably my fault, but seems pretty silly, considering the room had 3 beds with the couch.
  • Room Keys/Elevators – Elevators wouldn’t go to the gym with any key cards. You had request access from the staff. This wasn’t just out group, we noticed it with other groups on back to back days. Over half the time, our key took us to our floor, but then wouldn’t open our room. The staff claimed it was because of our weird reservation, but on day 3 we still couldn’t use our key without asking it to reset. Further, we chatting with multiple people on the elevator saying their room keys were reset as well.


Overall, the Le Meridien Mexico City just misses the mark. With a prime location, upscale appearance, and good amenities, the service really ruined it for us. My experience of the city was wonderful, and I’d love to come back and visit. However, if I do come back to CDMX, I will be staying somewhere else.