An Encore For Suite Night Awards

Blog Post created by tj-premierlife on Jan 3, 2020

Posts roll off the board so quickly it's difficult to keep track. Late last year someone posted about the mythical Suite Night Awards aka SNA's. In that conversation, I expressed agreement with the premise that SNA's were "fake" on the basis of perception:


For example:

  • You rarely if ever hear a reservations agent mention the availability of an SNA as an Elite option/strategy.
  • Whenever I requested one, it was denied.
  • On the Marriott Bonvoy mobile app there is no reference to one's SNA request (unless it is denied). 
  • The single instance where an SNA was approved, the approval was rescinded by e-mail.
  • When you check-in the agent has no clue when you refer to it as an Elite benefit.


Does perception precede reality? While I read that Marriott Bonvoy created a new Elite level, Titanium and with it Titanium Lifetime, it did not become reality for me until I heard an associate thank me for being a loyal Titanium Elite member at check-in.


I am very pleased to report that perceptions change.


Over the Christmas - New Years' break, I booked 3 nights at the Marriott San Antonio Rivercenter. The first night was cash and the other two using points. At the suggestion of Titanium Elite Reservations, I opted to apply 3 Suite Night Awards understanding that the SNAs would expire at the end of the year and replenish in the New Year.


The big surprise came at check-in. Not only did the agent greet and thank me for being a loyal Titanium Lifetime Elite member, but he also confirmed the approval of the Suite Night Award requests for 3 nights. He said it in a way that caught the attention of other agents who turned their heads. 


The takeaway, Insiders is that SNAs deserve an encore!