W Shanghai - second visit in 11 months FIVE STAR experience

Blog Post created by xtyovnob on Aug 11, 2019


I first visited this property last August, it was fairly new, Wet Deck was closed, but Breakfast as a welcome amenity at Kitchen Table and Happy Hour a Liquid were available. Sinar Mas Plaza next door was also not prime time at that visit. The hotel was one of the most magnificent experiences - as a Platinum member i was upgraded to the Mega Room - the largest hotel bed i have ever seen, with a fabulous view Pearl TV tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, and Shanghai Tower.


I booked and returned again this July-Aug with my sweetheart, and was upgraded to a Cool Corner room. I asked to switch to the Mega room simply bc I prefer to have the Pearl Tower view from the bed at my feet, rather than behind me at my head as was the case in the Cool Corner room. Plus the bed in the Mega room is unbelievable.. i will attach photos to this post or in a reply when i get a chance. 


The toilet is my favorite ever - a Toto with a warmed seat, rear and front water cleaner, dryer, automatic seat and lid closing and lifting upon sensor, just amazing. And great hotel toilet paper. The Kitchen Table is one of the best hotel breakfast buffet experiences (short of Mandarin Oriental at the original Hong Kong location on Connaught Street). The W Gym is wonderful as is the Wet Deck and whirlpools. In the female and male locker rooms, there is access to separate zen courtyards with loungers and another private whirlpool. Only wish the male and female zen areas were connected. Saunas and steam rooms and excellent lockers with Havianas flip flops for walking on slippery surfaces. We utilized Liquid for Happy Hour every night, though found the pre-made cocktails undrinkable. Everyone who ordered the first one... something with cola and served in a Turkish / Russian glass left it full... did not see one person all week finish that drink. Odd they do not have Bailey's as a spirit item on that menu. 


Josie on the welcome team was very kind to us, sending up gifts and a special old fashioned cocktail mixer along with W Shanghai postcards. 


A note to readers - W is aimed at young, sexy, hipster clientele. There is always beat music playing in the lobby and elevator area, and older crowds will feel the ageism. It is upscale but geared toward the 30-40-something year old crowd with money. There was a Range Rover event at the hotel during our stay as well as a Spanish designer fashion show.