Uncelebrated birthday

Blog Post created by jjswift11 on Jul 16, 2019

 I was extremely excited about my trip to San Francisco for my birthday this year! Well unfortunately things did not go as I hoped for and I have no one to thank for but Marriott for this regretful experience.

The check in process was a mess… I had requested a room on the top floor because I cannot  have overhead noises due to my PTSD from military service. Furthermore since it was my birthday, I was surely hoping that the courtyard Marriott would make sure that I had a memorable stay!!! I did get a room on the top floor, however this room had zero views. Just another wall right in front. It was also next to the janitors closet which had a constant flow of traffic especially throughout the early morning and that is that’s the last thing you wanna hear on your birthday morning or even the day after or ever!!!! When I voiced these complains to the front desk staff and asked to speak to a manager several times I was told that there was no manager on duty. I found that a bit odd.   Furthermore while voicing my complaints over the phone to one of the FD staff, she left me talking to myself… That’s right! Simply put the phone on the counter, walked away and left me talking to myself like a crazy person on the phone. That was not only disrespectful but 100% unacceptable in every form there is of customer service.   Oh and it gets worse… I had requested for a late check out however the staff did not inform housekeeping and I kept getting knocks on my door at least three different people asking me if I was going to check out. The whole point of requesting a late check out is that you don’t get bothered till the time you check out.  when I pointed this out to the front desk, they acknowledged it and apologized however the knocks  on my door kept coming. Feeling disrupted about this whole morning process I requested a later check out and offered to pay an extra fee for such. Given the circumstances  had not been going in my favor already, I would have thought that Marriott was going to use common sense and fairness to make things easier for me however that was not the case. They wanted to charge me half of a full price stay just to remain A couple of extra hours later after 2pm. I found this appalling.   If they were charging me half the price of a full  reservation then at least I should’ve been able to stay half the length of a reservation. So when I pointed out the fact that I wanted to stay a little bit extra longer due to the payment I had made they said no and that I had to leave...  they even cut the electricity to my room various times and kept calling my room to see when was I going to check out. This experience had turned hostile.  Eventually they charged my card for a full night stay without my approval.  

 I mean seriously what the hell Marriott? Has anyone I have had a similar experience to this? Because this was crazy and I hope someone takes note and does something about it because it’s just not cool.