Scrub Island Resort & Marina - A terrible experience & waste of points

Blog Post created by damoswildcat on Jan 19, 2019

My wife and I booked a 9 night stay at Scrub Island Resort and Marina to celebrate our honeymoon. The expenses associated with traveling to the British Virgin Islands are significant and our expectations were high given that Scrub Island is a Category 7 property. I used 480,000 MR points to book this stay. 


Below is a list of my complaints with a brief description:


1)      Service – About 50% of the staff were fairly rude and did not show any interest in providing good service. The poor service experience was felt as soon as we arrived. The “Guest Experience Director” was underwhelming to say the least and had a bad attitude. We also had multiple interactions with servers that were terrible as well. For example, when my wife would ask questions about specific menu items and the ingredients, the server seemed downright annoyed and answered the questions in a completely disrespectful tone.

2)      Dining -  When we booked our reservation, the Scrub Island Resort website was advertising 4 restaurants. Upon arrival we learned that only 1 restaurant was open – Donovan’s Reef. A major part of our travel experience is food and I would expect that the property/Marriott would provide advance notice about several restaurants being closed. This most likely the most disappointing aspect of our stay. The lack of dining options pushed us to leave Scrub Island a few days into our trip and travel to St. Thomas to stay at another Marriott property (Frenchman’s Cove). Additionally, on a number of occasions we ordered food from Donovan’s Reef only to learn upon delivery of the food that main ingredients were missing because the resort ran out. Not only were we not notified about missing ingredients when we ordered, but we were charged the full price for menu items and the restaurant didn’t offer any compensation.

3)      Physical facilities – After a long day of travel I wanted to take a bath when we arrived. When I turned on the tub in the room (room 1131) the water coming out of the faucet was yellow/brown. I assumed that it may have been because the tub wasn’t used in a while so I let the water run hoping it would filter out. The problem wasn’t fixed until our last day at the resort.


My wife also took a number of photographs of the property that show it is still clearly undergoing fairly significant maintenance. This isn’t a huge issue, but I’d expect to be notified ahead of time.


I stayed 85 nights at Marriott properties in 2018 and this was easily the worst experience we had. It has seriously weakened my confidence in Marriott and turned a major vacation into a letdown for my wife and I. The amount of points I used to book this trip (and points I used to leave Scrub to stay at Frenchman’s Cove) feel like a complete waste. I’m sharing my experience in hopes that Marriott will require resorts to be more transparent. I am going to continue to give my business to Marriott because a majority of my stays are wonderful, however I won’t hesitate to switch my personal and company business to Hilton if we have another poor experience in the near future.