Marriott's "no-refund" deals to Reward Members

Blog Post created by cfourquet on Aug 12, 2018

First attempt to escalate:


On July 2th, I booked a family vacation to Paris with the certainty that, as a long time loyal Marriott customer, and Rewards Member, i would get the best price for our August 10th thru the 18th stay. Since this was my first hotel stay in Europe, ever, I booked a room that was priced specifically for Rewards Members, confident I had benefited from my membership, and my loyalty.  On July 6th, my sisters call me to see if they can take advantage of my member status and also book at "MY" hotel.  We  discover I was paying DOUBLE than comparable hotels in the area.


I was embarassed and dumbfounded!  I had chosen a hotel far from Gare de Lyon train station, we planned to travel by, because I wanted to stay at a Marriott, and it turned out that inconvenience was costing me twice as much as your competitors.  I quickly got back on my app and cancelled on July 6th, just 4 days after booking online, disappointed, but confident I would now have more spending money on our dream family trip to Paris.


On July 17th, I am going through my online cc statement, and find a $1,781.42 charge from Marriott, from July 2nd.  I quickly contact the billing office, and after some hold time, I am told that the room I booked was part of a "no refund" program, and I was out of luck!  To add insult to injury, I got slapped with a "foreign transaction fee" of $53.44, which i have not seen charged after booking at the "other" hotel.


After my shock, i tried to explain to the Marriott person on the phone that there is no way i could have been made aware of this no refund policy and that i had cancelled well over a month before the date of stay.  Marriott loses nothing on this deal, but a loyal Rewards Member would be out nearly $2,000!.  She asked if I'd like to open a case, and was given a case #, and that i would get a call in 2 or 3 days. 


I received no call, but did get an email from some customer service guy, at the Paris Marriott, on 7/7 who told me they will not refund.    The $1,781.42 charge is still on my cc statement, and will accrue interest in a few days.  (Rewards) Membership doesn't seem to have its benefits these days.  Hows can Marriott possibly justify keeping an $1,800 requested refund amount on a stay cancelled over a month in advance, and still expect to keep their customers coming back? 


I responded and shared my deep disappointment, as a loyal customer and would be escalating further. 


Charlie F.