Platinum on-hold times are bad

Blog Post created by johnnyg on Jun 26, 2018

I need to add to my comments in the paragraph below. I called Marriott again on a fairly complex booking. I went through the call tree and selected "associate". This time I did not have to listen to the "an associate will be with you momentarily" message. Instead I waited for 12 minutes with music on hold and got disconnected. Ouch. If this is the way they are treating Platinum members what must others be going through?  Does Marriott know how bad this is?



Here is my original post:

Now on hold for 14 plus minutes on the Platinum number. Trying to make a request that can't be fulfilled on the calling tree. If I hear an associate with be with me momentarily again I will cry. The Platinum number us to be the industry standard by which all others were judged. No longer.  I am lifetime Platinum with over 1,400 nights (over 20 years) and the calling tree is nuts.