Can you Guess the Marriott/SPG Brand?

Blog Post created by globaltreker on Feb 14, 2018

Can you guess the Marriott/SPG Brand behind these sayings?


1. Make Yourself Comfortable

2. Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Already Taken

3. Spread Out

4. Wandering is Encouraged

5. Take Advantage of Our Outdoor Policy

6. Feel Free to Roam

7. Enjoy Your Well-Earned Access

8. The Night is Young, The Bistro Beckons

9. Relax Like a Champ

10. Your Room, Made Fresh Daily

11. Let Us Get The Door For You

12. Walk in Like You Own The Place

13. This Door Is Not Meant To Keep You In

14. Turning In So Soon?

15. Rest Assured

16. Your Key to Staying Balanced

17. Live Life To Discover

18. Get the Green Light

19. The Best Seat In The House

20. Turning In, Get Back Out There

21. Play Well

22. Move Well

23. Feel Well


My personal favorite is #17.  Which one is your Favorite?  Can you share another?