From Good to Great

Blog Post created by mmark439 on Aug 19, 2017

As consumers we expect excellent service.   So how then can a company go above and beyond to wow their customers?  By hiring and training employees to LISTEN INTENTLY!  And that's just what Sally Muehlenkamp, the Lead Concierge at the Covington, KY Marriott, did in this case.   It's experiences like this that build lifetime customers and advocates for their brand. 


The experience went like this: I was checking in around 11:30am as I had gotten a notification at 9:30am via mobile app informing the room was ready.   I was welcomed with a big hearty smile from the receptionist, Sally.  She preceded to inform me, that she's been expecting me, thanked me for being a Loyalty platinum member, and advised they had upgraded us to the concierge level.   She informed me of the hours of concierge lounge, then apologized when she realized it was closed on weekends during our stay.  (This is where it goes from good to great) After giving us our restaurant breakfast vouchers,  I jokingly asked what time the soft chocolate chip cookies would be out on the counter, and we laughed it off.  That night when my wife and I came in from a day out on the town, we found a tray of soft Chocolate chip cookies and two cartons of milk on ice with a card that said, " Enjoy your stay Mr. and Mrs. Massey sincerely Sally Muelenkamp" This is a true testament of a Great Customer Service concierge. It don't take much, it's the little things! Great Job Sally, you made our stay!