If you book with Expedia or another outside search engine. . .

Blog Post created by ronhigg on Jul 24, 2017

You get screwed out of your Marriott points, which is something this Platinum Elite member failed to realize when I had to book business in Omaha during the recent College World Series.

Every Marriott property in town, like other hotel chains, were price-gouging fans and businessmen big-time, in some cases tripling the cost per night. I found an Expedia deal for three nights at Fairfield Inn and Suites West Omaha (18 miles from the ballpark) that started at $129 the first night, $139 the second night and $149 the first night. When I checked in and gave the front desk clerk my Rewards number, they gladly took it with no complaints.

Then I never saw it show up in my account, so I followed procedure. I requested, received, filled out and returned via e-mail a missing stay form including a picture of my bill. Received no response from Marriott.

Finally, I called the Rewards LIne today and was told you don't get Marriott points for booking through a search engine.

Hey Marriott, as a Platinum member, I'd like to say, A reservation is a reservation and stay is a stay.

And by the way, please replace the bricks you have for pillows at Fairfield Inns. It's almost a month later and my neck still stiff.

Ron H.

Baton Rouge, La.