Unacceptable room, totally unacceptable response                      

Blog Post created by kelakitty on Apr 20, 2017

On our way to a funeral in Canada, I stayed at the Fairfield Inn in Niagara Falls, NY.  We had issues right from the moment we walked in. I had booked a King room, but when we got there we found out that every King room in the hotel is arrayed immediately around the elevators, meaning it would have been noisy all night.  So we had to switch to a Queen room in order to get to a quiet location.  Then when we got ready for bed, we found a long, curly black hair in the bathtub.  About that time we also noticed the the toilet was not flushing-down.  Called the front desk and the night auditor came up with a plunger.  We showed him the hair at that time and he told us he would notify the manager and we would get some consideration in the morning upon check-out.  Then the real fun began. The light on the smoke detector (or maybe it was the carbon monoxide detector) flashed intermittently ALL NIGHT LONG.  Meaning even though we managed to get a quiet room (with a smaller bed than we wanted) we still could not sleep, due to the aggravating flashing.  When we got to the front desk in the morning the night auditor was still there, and promised to have the manager call us to discuss giving us some consideration.  That was the morning of April 11.  I made two subsequent phone calls to the hotel and both times was told the manager would call me back. Today is April 20 and I have not gotten a call.  So I called Marriott Customer Care and they were able to get the general manager on the phone for me (after a lengthy wait).  His attitude was less-than-accommodating.  His only response was to say he sincerely apologized, had chastised the housekeeping staff, and spoken the fire department.  I suggested that he should try going into that room at night, turning out all the lights, and waiting to see what I meant by watching the light on the wall flash all night.  (BTW, this same thing happened to me at a Marriott at the Atlanta airport and I was immediately offered 15,000 points in compensation).  I have been Marriott-loyal for close to 30 years of business travel, and have lifetime gold status (I used to have platinum, but I got cancer and could not travel for a couple of years).  In all those years of staying at every level of Marriott properties (including Ritz Carlton) I can honestly say I've never had a less satisfying experience with a manager. On my second call to Marriott customer care I was immediately offered 20,000 points.  BTW, this is a 30,000/night property and the customer care rep said he could not give me that many points without first speaking to the hotel GM.  Then, after he did get the hotel GM on the phone, the customer service rep told me that now I would not be getting any points, because "the matter is under review" and until the GM responds to Marriott, I get nothing.  The customer care rep would not tell me how long I would have to wait until hearing any determination from the GM at the hotel.  I am now considering whether or not I want to call the public health inspector in Niagara Falls to tell them about what transpired with the hair left in the bathtub and non-functioning toilet.  I will certainly be posting this to Twitter and disputing the charge on my credit card.  It's ironic: Fairfield Inn has a "100% satisfaction guarantee" but despite telling this GM how dissatisfied I was, his response was to absolutely deny us any financial discount and he gave us no indication of if/when he would be willing to offer me any points.  Sad to say, but this colors my, and my husband's, perceptions of the Marriott brand as a whole and Fairfield Inn in particular