Limited Nights awarded ; confused Hotel management; unresponsive customer care

Blog Post created by patandcary on Jan 29, 2017

We recently stayed at a Marriott in New Orleans – with three rooms for three nights. We specifically asked the hotel whether we would be entitled to "nights" awarded to our Marriott rewards account. The answer was yes. Subsequently, we learned that we are entitled only to "nights" for one room.  (Hilton honors does not limit the number of nights to one room.)

The Marriott rewards helpdesk was not helpful and unceremoniously told us that there was absolutely nothing that they could do. After repeated questions, they suggested that I talk to the Marriott customer care desk.   It was apparent that they were simply deflecting the question to someone else. I called the Marriott customer care desk. After one minute, they simply hung up on me. (Really)

Simple story: Marriott provided inaccurate information to us about elite "nights" and then deflected and ignored our questions/concerns about it. They  made a mistake and then ignored the concerns of a frustrated and aggrieved customer.

I would appreciate the opportunity to speak to someone who can professionally discuss my questions.