wife and I got sick after eating burgers in Ft Lauderdale 1/3/17

Blog Post created by steam3003 on Jan 17, 2017

On 1/3/17 at 11:00 the wife and I went to the beach at the Marriott Beach resort in Ft Lauderdale. The only food we both ate was burgers from the Loggerhead beach grill. Half hour later we both ended up in our room for the night taking turns on the toilet. The burgers are partially grilled by the dozen and then stored in a tin at the back of the grill which is filled with water(beef broth).I have written customer cares and got no reply. Claims did call me but after reading YELP, I understand why they called and why they do not call back or reply to call backs. The rest of my stay was great and the people were all great, just don't eat burgers from the Loggerhead beach grill.