Terrible support for transition of SPG to Marriott rewards and customer experience

Blog Post created by jimmyt on Oct 26, 2016

I am posting this to communicate my experience with the combining of Marriott rewards program with the programs from Starwood.  Being that Marriott and Starwood merged, I want to give a Four Points a try.  Boy was I disappointed. I book the hotel and tried to use my Marriott number.  This was the first issue.  When I arrived at the hotel, I tried to give them my Marriott number and they said that they couldn't do anything with it.  They enrolled me to the SPG program and handed me a card that gave me a website to link the programs.  I asked if it would apply to the current stay and they said that it wouldn't.  I called the Marriott rewards line and got to speak with someone.  They said that information was sent out.  I asked when because I didn't receive anything, they said that they didn't have when it was sent out, but it was sent out.  They said that there was nothing that they could do.  I communicated that this was really poor service and that I what was the process of making a complaint.  they said that they could annotate the issue on the account.  I let her know that I was not satisfied with the service that I received regarding the status recognition.  She said kept referring to the Starwood program as the other program and that there was nothing she could do.  This is terrible.  I have stayed over 1500 nights at Marriott properties and the service and support I got, makes me want to start staying at other chains.  this is due to the point that if I'm getting treated this way, I could only imagine how other people are being treated. Feel free to contact me if there are any questions.

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