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TownePlace Suites Wichita East

Posted by wsm78 Apr 4, 2019

I've stayed at TownePlace Suites by Marriott Wichita East in Wichita, Kansas, a number of times since last summer and have been really impressed with this hotel. Prior to the SPG/Marriott Rewards combination, my Wichita hotel of choice was Aloft Wichita; after the loyalty programs combined in August 2018, I started to venture out to the various Marriott-branded hotels in the city. I've found myself returning to TownePlace Suites Wichita East not only because the price is right, but also because it's clean, modern, brightly-lit and completely inoffensive in the best possible way. While I love a sumptuous, wallpapered to the nth-degree Sheraton or Westin suite in a city-center high-rise, there's something refreshing about these clean, bright, freshly-painted rooms: the two-room layout is my favorite, as it makes me feel like I'm staying in a modest apartment or guest house. Maybe this is what I want when I'm travelling for work: something that makes me feel like I'm staying at a friend's place and not quite so removed from how I actually live (because really, I'd only run into the walls if my hallways were as dark and moody as those found in an Aloft). The staff here is friendly and competent, professional and nice, and I like that when I'm checking in and out of a hotel. I don't always need an over-the-top greeting; sometimes just a simple welcome is all it takes.


I've included some photos of the room and view from my most recent stay. TownePlace Suites Wichita East may not be the most spectacular offering in Marriott's portfolio, but it's definitely worth checking out if your travels ever bring you to Wichita, Kansas, as mine have.


A view of the sitting area and bedroom as seen from the kitchenette. Note the vaulted ceilings; this is a top-floor room.The small, comfortable sofa-bed in the sitting area.The kitchenette and work area of the room. The cabinets contain dishware and utensils for use.The bedroom features a queen-size bed in this room; other suites contain double beds or king-size beds. The two-room layout features a second television in the bedroom and a small closet with shelving.The bathroom has usable drawers in the vanity for storage and plenty of bright lighting.

As many of you have vented before, resort fees have gotten out of hand and are a shameful attempt as a money grab by Marriott.  Now someone has started a petition on to encourage Marriott to follow the industry trend and remove these fees for high status members.  I find it sad that this is the only way Marriott hears how much of an inconvenience this is to their base and I hope it indeed brings change.  Please sign the petition and hopefully there is movement on this issue.


Go to and search Marriott Bonvoy to find the petition.  We are not allowed to put external links in posts.  

My wife and I booked a 9 night stay at Scrub Island Resort and Marina to celebrate our honeymoon. The expenses associated with traveling to the British Virgin Islands are significant and our expectations were high given that Scrub Island is a Category 7 property. I used 480,000 MR points to book this stay. 


Below is a list of my complaints with a brief description:


1)      Service – About 50% of the staff were fairly rude and did not show any interest in providing good service. The poor service experience was felt as soon as we arrived. The “Guest Experience Director” was underwhelming to say the least and had a bad attitude. We also had multiple interactions with servers that were terrible as well. For example, when my wife would ask questions about specific menu items and the ingredients, the server seemed downright annoyed and answered the questions in a completely disrespectful tone.

2)      Dining -  When we booked our reservation, the Scrub Island Resort website was advertising 4 restaurants. Upon arrival we learned that only 1 restaurant was open – Donovan’s Reef. A major part of our travel experience is food and I would expect that the property/Marriott would provide advance notice about several restaurants being closed. This most likely the most disappointing aspect of our stay. The lack of dining options pushed us to leave Scrub Island a few days into our trip and travel to St. Thomas to stay at another Marriott property (Frenchman’s Cove). Additionally, on a number of occasions we ordered food from Donovan’s Reef only to learn upon delivery of the food that main ingredients were missing because the resort ran out. Not only were we not notified about missing ingredients when we ordered, but we were charged the full price for menu items and the restaurant didn’t offer any compensation.

3)      Physical facilities – After a long day of travel I wanted to take a bath when we arrived. When I turned on the tub in the room (room 1131) the water coming out of the faucet was yellow/brown. I assumed that it may have been because the tub wasn’t used in a while so I let the water run hoping it would filter out. The problem wasn’t fixed until our last day at the resort.


My wife also took a number of photographs of the property that show it is still clearly undergoing fairly significant maintenance. This isn’t a huge issue, but I’d expect to be notified ahead of time.


I stayed 85 nights at Marriott properties in 2018 and this was easily the worst experience we had. It has seriously weakened my confidence in Marriott and turned a major vacation into a letdown for my wife and I. The amount of points I used to book this trip (and points I used to leave Scrub to stay at Frenchman’s Cove) feel like a complete waste. I’m sharing my experience in hopes that Marriott will require resorts to be more transparent. I am going to continue to give my business to Marriott because a majority of my stays are wonderful, however I won’t hesitate to switch my personal and company business to Hilton if we have another poor experience in the near future. 






The Ritz - trying new brands

Posted by kh24 Jan 7, 2019

Enough of the negative, at least with 3 brands becoming one we can explore more hotels and enjoy / build platinum status.


(as a former SPG guy) I tried the Marriott downtown NYC last month, am trying a Residence Inn near Central Park next week and just got the Ritz Carlton in Montreal on budget for late January. Fingers crossed for a suite upgrade at the latter as it's a quiet time of year up there!


Ritz Montreal

In Postcards from Old Montreal (which was my first stay at Delta Montreal after the merger) I forgot to note the exhilarated feeling at check-in when the Front Desk handed over the keys and Platinum Premier perks in a newish black Marriott Rewards sleeve with THINGS ARE LOOKING UPGRADED in all uppercase letters.


Has anyone else got that feeling?


I recently discovered through platinum guest services that if you are not offered your arrival gift they will compensate you by issuing you a check ranging from $100 - $200 dollars depending on hotel. The only catch is that you need to notify Marriott during your hotel stay, it cannot be done after you check out of property. I rarely am offered arrival gift or offered room upgrade. I have found most of the time it is due to employees lack of training and also unprofessional behavior once it is brought to there attention. I am definitely becoming annoyed by this constant problem that needs to be addressed in order for me to remain a loyal  customer, as there are many other hotel options out there.

First attempt to escalate:


On July 2th, I booked a family vacation to Paris with the certainty that, as a long time loyal Marriott customer, and Rewards Member, i would get the best price for our August 10th thru the 18th stay. Since this was my first hotel stay in Europe, ever, I booked a room that was priced specifically for Rewards Members, confident I had benefited from my membership, and my loyalty.  On July 6th, my sisters call me to see if they can take advantage of my member status and also book at "MY" hotel.  We  discover I was paying DOUBLE than comparable hotels in the area.


I was embarassed and dumbfounded!  I had chosen a hotel far from Gare de Lyon train station, we planned to travel by, because I wanted to stay at a Marriott, and it turned out that inconvenience was costing me twice as much as your competitors.  I quickly got back on my app and cancelled on July 6th, just 4 days after booking online, disappointed, but confident I would now have more spending money on our dream family trip to Paris.


On July 17th, I am going through my online cc statement, and find a $1,781.42 charge from Marriott, from July 2nd.  I quickly contact the billing office, and after some hold time, I am told that the room I booked was part of a "no refund" program, and I was out of luck!  To add insult to injury, I got slapped with a "foreign transaction fee" of $53.44, which i have not seen charged after booking at the "other" hotel.


After my shock, i tried to explain to the Marriott person on the phone that there is no way i could have been made aware of this no refund policy and that i had cancelled well over a month before the date of stay.  Marriott loses nothing on this deal, but a loyal Rewards Member would be out nearly $2,000!.  She asked if I'd like to open a case, and was given a case #, and that i would get a call in 2 or 3 days. 


I received no call, but did get an email from some customer service guy, at the Paris Marriott, on 7/7 who told me they will not refund.    The $1,781.42 charge is still on my cc statement, and will accrue interest in a few days.  (Rewards) Membership doesn't seem to have its benefits these days.  Hows can Marriott possibly justify keeping an $1,800 requested refund amount on a stay cancelled over a month in advance, and still expect to keep their customers coming back? 


I responded and shared my deep disappointment, as a loyal customer and would be escalating further. 


Charlie F.


A tip for lifetime seekers

Posted by monyrewards Jul 26, 2018

2018 is quite unique for people who are seeking Lifetime Elite but are short of a year or so. 2018 will be yiur last opportunity to get “two years” of elite. All what you need to do is to qualify for BOTH SPG and MR under their current rules (25 stays or 50 nights for SPG or 75 nights for MR). I believe this worth some effort for people who are close to LTP so they could be grandfathered to LTPP. 




Platinum on-hold times are bad

Posted by johnnyg Jun 26, 2018

I need to add to my comments in the paragraph below. I called Marriott again on a fairly complex booking. I went through the call tree and selected "associate". This time I did not have to listen to the "an associate will be with you momentarily" message. Instead I waited for 12 minutes with music on hold and got disconnected. Ouch. If this is the way they are treating Platinum members what must others be going through?  Does Marriott know how bad this is?



Here is my original post:

Now on hold for 14 plus minutes on the Platinum number. Trying to make a request that can't be fulfilled on the calling tree. If I hear an associate with be with me momentarily again I will cry. The Platinum number us to be the industry standard by which all others were judged. No longer.  I am lifetime Platinum with over 1,400 nights (over 20 years) and the calling tree is nuts.

This is how I became a MR Millionaire.  Everyone's journey is different, but we all have access to a world of amazing opportunities that can create a lifetime of memorable experiences for our families and friends. I'm happy to share this Dream-setting checklist.



Earnings Category

Earnings Sub-Category

Average Yearly Earning Potential

My Lifestyle Choices


MR Credit Cards

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Monthly Spends and Special Bonuses


Business and Personal spends filtered through MR Credit Cards accounts. Spend wisely and responsibly!


Meetings/Events/Group Travel

Total Spends


Plan Business Meetings/Events at select Marriott Brands. Use the awesome Marriott brand to highlight my brand!



Rate/Rate + Total Spend and Vacation Packages


Based upon business needs and Holiday flex time.

Select a location, brand, and date. Go, Go, Go and create a Lifetime of Experiences!



Marriott Moments and Marriott More


Plan social and entertainment around lifestyle choices. Put Social on the calendar and enjoy family and friends. Life is too short!



Yearly Mega Bonuses and Special Bonuses


Get what you can where you can. The icing on the cake!



Airline, Car Rental, Cruises (RC Yachts coming soon), Others


If it fits, make it happen. It all adds up at the end of the year.



Hotel Rate Bonuses


Take advantage while available during travel planning.


Marriott Vacation Club

Loan/Maintenance Fee Spends, Vacation Packages, Tours, Activities, Travel Insurance, Luxury Home Rentals


Always filter Vacation Club experiences and related expenses through the Personal MR Credit Card.


Everyone can become a MR Millionaire!  Who's next?

I just bought this experience for DC Capital Pride on June 9th! Who want to come with me


So I was looking for a flight on and I came cross this message.

"Crossover Rewards program ending on 7-15-2018"


Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 10.33.04 PM.png


The terms on sounds like this program is really ending for certain, but if you go to it states, more information will be shared before July 15 (see below) not its being discontinued


Crossover Rewards will continue through July 15, 2018, with all current benefits being honored through that date.  We expect to have more to share on this program before July 15.


Thanks to Marriott, no more one Starpoint for every dollar spent on eligible Delta flights. Priority Check-In, Priority Boarding, Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades and first checked bag free for Spg platinum members


why is Marriott not being honest? another devaluation for SPG members

Been a great year at Marriott and after meeting so

many of the Tripledouble group made mid year exciting.  Looking forward to staying at on of he hotels I like a lot in San Francisco which is the JW Marriott.  Always nice place that is kept fresh and easy access to most area of SFO with its placement near Metro/BART station and the famous Cable Car system.


Fun part about it is it will be Memorial Weekend and one of closest friends from High School many moons ago and her husband are coming into city from Napa so we can just relax and enjoy this great city.  Be great to see them and talk about our shared careers in the Fire Service.

Marriott Vacation Worldwide buys Vistana Resorts(ILG) for $4.7 Billion




  • Has a rich history, opening its doors in 1980 with the debut of what was then Vistana Resort in Orlando, Florida.
  • Acquired by Starwood Hotels & Resorts in 1999 and later renamed Starwood Vacation Ownership.  
  • Today known as Vistana Signature Experiences, a premier provider of upper-upscale leisure travel and vacation ownership products.

Marriott is taking Starwood's Tribute Portfolio to a new level! Now competing in the home sharing space with Airbnb and Hyatt’s Oasis homes. Members will earn points and elite nights with each stay. website states redeeming via points-coming soon  Find a Home – Tribute Portfolio Homes