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Hi All ,

I hope you are all traveling well for the start of 2020 ! I was just Filming down in Panama City and was staying at the J W Marriott Panama formally the Trump tower .


This is a really nice property from check in on the 15th level (SL)  Staff are nice and recognized my status and asked if I needed my room straight away or wait for a upgraded suite for my loyalty !!! 
mit was 6.30am after a red eye and had to head straight to filming location , so I said I could wait , no problem .

After returning around 5 pm I was given my key , shower where the executive club was and then up to my “ upgraded “ room on the 32nd floor . (3226)

once I opened my door my jaw dropped , the room was huge !!!!! ( my fellow crew in standard rooms ) mine was 5 times the size with amazing views of city and the ocean !! Impressed to say the least .

do I wondered down to the executive club that was roomy , moderne , private massive terrace overlooking the pools and ocean . Food offered was wonderful and had something for everyone , the only thing is you have to pay for alcohol , but everything else is free . They only let you bring in one guest with you , but after asking could I bring in a 2nd I could , but if they wanted good it would be 50usd !!
the lounge is only 3 weeks old I was told so they are still working things out .

food , location , Amenities etc all really good ! I will be going back for a private stay , I enjoyed it so much , 

any other questions just send me a message !

im going to stanch a sunrise drone shot I did of the infinity pool and view 


I wasn't initially planning on doing a review. However, when I did a post asking about what warrants a complaint, they suggested I write a review so others would know about my specific experience and what to expect.


I recently stayed at the Le Meridien Mexico City between Christmas and NYE (12/27 - 12/30). I want to start with the fact that the room I ended up with was ideal for my travel situation: three males in their late 20's. Also, Mexico City itself if awesome, and I highly recommend visiting. I live in Dallas, so it''s an easy 2.5 hour flight for a nice 3 day weekend.


Since I haven't written one of these before, I don't want to do just list the pros and cons, I figured a little context would be helpful in knowing the ins and outs of why I think I ultimately didn't have the best stay.


This was a guys trip, so we didn't need the nicest place, and we weren't planning on spending a lot of time in the room. We wanted something that offered at least two beds and a pull-out couch, and the 2 Queen Superior Suite had that. This way everyone had their own sleeping area, and we would have tons of room for our stuff to go, as we are messy guys.


The location also played a factor, as it's right of the Paseo de la Reforma, a very prominent street. We felt equidistant to the historic center, Polanco, and Chapultepec park. We could get anywhere in a decent amount of time. Given Mexico City's traffic, this was a huge selling point.


We didn't book flights for this trip as one of the guys works for American Airlines, and we flew non-revenue standby. That was an issue in itself, but due to the flight situation I needed to add a night to my reservation. When I called to add the additional night they said the same room wasn't available to add, I'd have to do a different room. The Marriott app on my iPhone also said that. This was a non-starter based on the situation the guys wanted room wise. However, if I booked one night by itself on the app, I could the night of December 26th itself. I figured at the hotel, I'd ask if we didn't have to change rooms for the remaining nights. I booked the night, canceled the night, then re-booked based on the details my AA friend was giving me.


Due to our flight issues, we didn't technically make it on December 26. We arrived at 3:00am on December 27. When we tried to check-in the front desk said we were way too early and that check-in wasn't until 3:00pm. I explained the separate reservations and it technically be the 26th for the first night, she claimed it was canceled. After some back and forth, we finally got checked in and she confirmed we wouldn't need to change rooms the rest of the weekend.


At this point, all of us just wanted to sleep. On the way up the bellhop takes us to the room, notifies us that this little nook area by the elevators will always be stocked with water, newspaper, and snacks, all hours of the day. It wasn't, nor was it ever supplied the rest of the stay. Once we get to the room, we were given a king bed with no pull-out couch bed. Even though we were exhausted, we decided to call down and get our rooms switched. We got the room changed, and it was the correct room.


Now, we feel like we are good to go. From here is really when we felt our stay started to sour. I felt the context above was important, because it points to some general issues, factors in I did make adjustments to a reservation, and how some of it might have caused the pros and cons below.


So now to the list.


  • Location – Absolutely great spot on Reforma. Easy to get to a lot of the parts of the city. You walk out of the building and can walk around to shops, markets, and the Monumento a la Revolucion is a block behind the hotel.
  • Room – The room was ideal for size and the amount of beds. Overall it was nice. Had the USB plug ins, which is great since I only have one three prong plug in I use interchangeably for my devices with a USB cord.
  • Price – What we paid for room wise, and my overall thoughts on how nice the hotel was, it was a bargain. Helps that the MXN is miniscule to the USD. Also, in general, I found CDMX to be a relatively inexpensive place to visit when it came to restaurants, bars, touristy things.
  • Overall Look – The hotel itself was very nice, clean, and for a category 4 Marriott, it was rather upscale.


  • Service – This was an entire hotel thing. From checking in to the restaurant staff and cleaning staff, the service was terrible. We didn’t receive new towels one day when they cleaned the room. Another time, we requested towels be sent up and they never came. The restaurant service was the worst. One day I ate breakfast alone, and it took 5 minutes for anyone to acknowledge I needed to be seated. Once seated, I wasn’t served for over 15 minutes until I approached the server. I asked for water, and had to follow up another 15 minutes later before I received it. This continued on to the next breakfast with all three guys. Staff didn’t replace some buffet items, took forever to get drinks, etc. I also want to say on both of these occasions, the restaurant was not full or really super busy.
  • Shower – The Shower in our room didn’t drain properly. It was pretty gross until my buddy had to take out the drain stopper completely. We didn’t complain, so we fixed it ourselves, but we got to late starts so by the time the cleaning crew came in, they would have had to have seen standing water in the shower.
  • Guest Cost – By default, I always book rooms with “2” guests, because I just think of myself and my wife. For our room, I said 2 online, and when we checked in with 3, I was charged $40/day for the “Additional guest”. Probably my fault, but seems pretty silly, considering the room had 3 beds with the couch.
  • Room Keys/Elevators – Elevators wouldn’t go to the gym with any key cards. You had request access from the staff. This wasn’t just out group, we noticed it with other groups on back to back days. Over half the time, our key took us to our floor, but then wouldn’t open our room. The staff claimed it was because of our weird reservation, but on day 3 we still couldn’t use our key without asking it to reset. Further, we chatting with multiple people on the elevator saying their room keys were reset as well.


Overall, the Le Meridien Mexico City just misses the mark. With a prime location, upscale appearance, and good amenities, the service really ruined it for us. My experience of the city was wonderful, and I’d love to come back and visit. However, if I do come back to CDMX, I will be staying somewhere else.

Posts roll off the board so quickly it's difficult to keep track. Late last year someone posted about the mythical Suite Night Awards aka SNA's. In that conversation, I expressed agreement with the premise that SNA's were "fake" on the basis of perception:


For example:

  • You rarely if ever hear a reservations agent mention the availability of an SNA as an Elite option/strategy.
  • Whenever I requested one, it was denied.
  • On the Marriott Bonvoy mobile app there is no reference to one's SNA request (unless it is denied). 
  • The single instance where an SNA was approved, the approval was rescinded by e-mail.
  • When you check-in the agent has no clue when you refer to it as an Elite benefit.


Does perception precede reality? While I read that Marriott Bonvoy created a new Elite level, Titanium and with it Titanium Lifetime, it did not become reality for me until I heard an associate thank me for being a loyal Titanium Elite member at check-in.


I am very pleased to report that perceptions change.


Over the Christmas - New Years' break, I booked 3 nights at the Marriott San Antonio Rivercenter. The first night was cash and the other two using points. At the suggestion of Titanium Elite Reservations, I opted to apply 3 Suite Night Awards understanding that the SNAs would expire at the end of the year and replenish in the New Year.


The big surprise came at check-in. Not only did the agent greet and thank me for being a loyal Titanium Lifetime Elite member, but he also confirmed the approval of the Suite Night Award requests for 3 nights. He said it in a way that caught the attention of other agents who turned their heads. 


The takeaway, Insiders is that SNAs deserve an encore! 

While on a trip to celebrate our 25th Anniversary,  careless handling of my husband's wheelchair  by Iberia airlines  damaged  a wheel rendering the  wheelchair unsafe.    I  was reminded the "Europe is Europe",  you can not click on virtually any obscure item on Amazon and get it in  24 - 48   hours.    During our  five day stay  I spent hours in Berlin unsuccessfully trying to have the chair repaired.  Prior to our arrival  I tried to  find a wheelchair repair facility in Vienna. Not surprisingly,  as we were arriving the day before Christmas Eve all repair facilities were closed by our evening train's arrival.


I reached to the Vienna Marriott and a truly outstanding employee  Larrisa G not only secured and reserved a wheel chair for our use in Vienna but reserved on at the next Marriott property we would be visiting  in Munich.  This saved out special vacation!


Even for a Platinum Member that is   exceptional customer service and Larrisa  is a credit to  the Marriott Organization.


Bonvoy Moment

Posted by rposorske1 Sep 27, 2019

Traveled to the Sheraton Needham in Boston, MA. Middle of the night check in. Exhausted, angry and no upgrade available from the night clerk. First thing in the morning, Andrew M. stepped up with room keys and a bellman's cart. Consistent with my experiences, there's always someone on the property who recognizes the value of top tier travelers and their role in the hospitality business.


Thanks, Bonvoy and thanks Andrew!


I first visited this property last August, it was fairly new, Wet Deck was closed, but Breakfast as a welcome amenity at Kitchen Table and Happy Hour a Liquid were available. Sinar Mas Plaza next door was also not prime time at that visit. The hotel was one of the most magnificent experiences - as a Platinum member i was upgraded to the Mega Room - the largest hotel bed i have ever seen, with a fabulous view Pearl TV tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, and Shanghai Tower.


I booked and returned again this July-Aug with my sweetheart, and was upgraded to a Cool Corner room. I asked to switch to the Mega room simply bc I prefer to have the Pearl Tower view from the bed at my feet, rather than behind me at my head as was the case in the Cool Corner room. Plus the bed in the Mega room is unbelievable.. i will attach photos to this post or in a reply when i get a chance. 


The toilet is my favorite ever - a Toto with a warmed seat, rear and front water cleaner, dryer, automatic seat and lid closing and lifting upon sensor, just amazing. And great hotel toilet paper. The Kitchen Table is one of the best hotel breakfast buffet experiences (short of Mandarin Oriental at the original Hong Kong location on Connaught Street). The W Gym is wonderful as is the Wet Deck and whirlpools. In the female and male locker rooms, there is access to separate zen courtyards with loungers and another private whirlpool. Only wish the male and female zen areas were connected. Saunas and steam rooms and excellent lockers with Havianas flip flops for walking on slippery surfaces. We utilized Liquid for Happy Hour every night, though found the pre-made cocktails undrinkable. Everyone who ordered the first one... something with cola and served in a Turkish / Russian glass left it full... did not see one person all week finish that drink. Odd they do not have Bailey's as a spirit item on that menu. 


Josie on the welcome team was very kind to us, sending up gifts and a special old fashioned cocktail mixer along with W Shanghai postcards. 


A note to readers - W is aimed at young, sexy, hipster clientele. There is always beat music playing in the lobby and elevator area, and older crowds will feel the ageism. It is upscale but geared toward the 30-40-something year old crowd with money. There was a Range Rover event at the hotel during our stay as well as a Spanish designer fashion show. 


Beyond pleased

Posted by titleist3489 Aug 1, 2019

Great week of travel and received phenomenal customer service. From hotel staff to the Marriott hotline, I'm thrilled. 


Regular at the CY Waterloo, IA, and I had to cancel my second night of a 2 night stay with less than 24 hr notice. No problem at all I questions asked. On a different day, also called to talk about a dirty shower pan with the GM (white pans with texture are tough to clean) and they gave me 1k points just because without me even asking. Bravo to this property. Old John Deere factory that is by far the nicest CY I have been in. Nicer than most Marriott's.


Have a stay next month at the Marriott in DT MSP, MN and received a killer advance member rate so I booked it. Rate just dropped another $13 so I called the elite line to see if they would honor it. Great service with a short hold time and one quick phone call to the hotel, boom, rate matched. $104 after tax!


Had to book a room for my fiance and had no trouble booking that at The Moxy in Uptown MSP, MN. Staff was polite and very accommodating. She had no issue at check in tonight.


Last but not least, I called the Hotel Minneapolis about my upcoming two night stay this weekend to check on their lounge and was offered an upgrade to a Junior Suite. Wow.. I usually have to ask for upgrades anymore (73 nights this year and Lifetime Silver) and couldn't believe it.


Sometimes this Bonvoy program isn't so bad.. As of tomorrow I'll be Titanium Elite with hopes I can reach the qualified spend to reach Ambassador status. 


Uncelebrated birthday

Posted by jjswift11 Jul 16, 2019

 I was extremely excited about my trip to San Francisco for my birthday this year! Well unfortunately things did not go as I hoped for and I have no one to thank for but Marriott for this regretful experience.

The check in process was a mess… I had requested a room on the top floor because I cannot  have overhead noises due to my PTSD from military service. Furthermore since it was my birthday, I was surely hoping that the courtyard Marriott would make sure that I had a memorable stay!!! I did get a room on the top floor, however this room had zero views. Just another wall right in front. It was also next to the janitors closet which had a constant flow of traffic especially throughout the early morning and that is that’s the last thing you wanna hear on your birthday morning or even the day after or ever!!!! When I voiced these complains to the front desk staff and asked to speak to a manager several times I was told that there was no manager on duty. I found that a bit odd.   Furthermore while voicing my complaints over the phone to one of the FD staff, she left me talking to myself… That’s right! Simply put the phone on the counter, walked away and left me talking to myself like a crazy person on the phone. That was not only disrespectful but 100% unacceptable in every form there is of customer service.   Oh and it gets worse… I had requested for a late check out however the staff did not inform housekeeping and I kept getting knocks on my door at least three different people asking me if I was going to check out. The whole point of requesting a late check out is that you don’t get bothered till the time you check out.  when I pointed this out to the front desk, they acknowledged it and apologized however the knocks  on my door kept coming. Feeling disrupted about this whole morning process I requested a later check out and offered to pay an extra fee for such. Given the circumstances  had not been going in my favor already, I would have thought that Marriott was going to use common sense and fairness to make things easier for me however that was not the case. They wanted to charge me half of a full price stay just to remain A couple of extra hours later after 2pm. I found this appalling.   If they were charging me half the price of a full  reservation then at least I should’ve been able to stay half the length of a reservation. So when I pointed out the fact that I wanted to stay a little bit extra longer due to the payment I had made they said no and that I had to leave...  they even cut the electricity to my room various times and kept calling my room to see when was I going to check out. This experience had turned hostile.  Eventually they charged my card for a full night stay without my approval.  

 I mean seriously what the hell Marriott? Has anyone I have had a similar experience to this? Because this was crazy and I hope someone takes note and does something about it because it’s just not cool.  


Feeling Appreciated

Posted by wsm78 Jun 5, 2019

I have felt genuinely appreciated by the hotel staff and management at a number of properties that began with my first stay in March. Prior to then, I had experienced what I considered my normal check-ins at former Starwood properties (welcoming, warm, friendly) and those more perfunctory check-ins at the Marriott brands (professional, business-like). I received my usual welcome emails and upgrades at the Starwood brands: top-floor rooms or suites and small gifts. At the Marriott brands, I learned I would be notified by app that the room I paid for was going to be exactly what I was getting (with one or two exceptions). But something changed that first week of March. I had booked a weekend stay at the Dallas/Fort Worth Marriott Solana for myself and my partner (who promptly rolled his eyes when I told him we were staying in a Marriott, having been unimpressed with our other Marriott-branded stays) and, honestly, wasn't expecting anything more than what I'd already experienced. I was shocked when the front desk agent looked genuinely happy to greet me, stepped around the counter to welcome both me and my partner, asked the nature of our stay, noted my elite status and thanked me for my continued loyalty, explained all aspects of the property, offered to get someone to take our bags, and noted that we'd been upgraded to one of their suites. While walking down the hallway to the elevator bank, my partner looked at me and said, "That was an SPG welcome." And it was!


And that suite was only the beginning! Inside, staff had left a box of chocolate truffles, fresh fruit, water bottles, and a card thanking me for choosing their property. I was floored. I immediately wrote a thank you email to the general manager. Since that first stay in March, I've received similar thanks and small gifts, including:

  • Upgraded room at JW Marriott Indianapolis; discounted meal at in-house restaurant as thanks for staying with them
  • Upgrade to a spacious suite at DFW Airport Marriott South; personal welcome email from management
  • Upgrade to luxury room at Sheraton Princess Kaiulani; fresh flower leis at check-in; bottle of sparkling wine, fruit plate; personal welcome email and meeting at property
  • Upgrade to suite at Sheraton Dallas Hotel by the Galleria; bottle of sparkling wine, charcuterie plate; personal welcome email from management
  • Personal welcome email from management at Aloft Tulsa; follow-up email after check-out
  • Handwritten thank you card from management at Courtyard by Marriott Kansas City Shawnee; snack bag, bottled water


This is by no means a comprehensive list of the hotels I've visited during this timeframe, but these small things have definitely made me feel appreciated by Marriott, and I make sure to let the management at each location know this. I sincerely hope that others are benefiting from similar excellent customer service; it really makes a difference.


Platinum Help Useful

Posted by regnow May 13, 2019

Actually, I’ve benefited via telephone help from “on high” ever since the properties had little cards at checkin saying to signup to the app. And the help continues with cheerful assistance and information on what are my best choices when booking.


Since Marriott BONVoY, and since I am Titanium Elite LT, I feel I am missing out on some of the perks I had with MRW Platinum Elite LT, specially around room upgrades, some examples:


  • 24/FEB - Marriott Suites Deerfield (Paid stay) - No room upgrade (not sure if they have those), free continental breakfast like Platinum Elite, nothing extra
  • 02/MAR - Dubai Renaissance (Stay on points) - No room upgrade, did not even get a room at the Club floor, and 4PM late check-out denied
  • 22/APR - Hotel Nassau Breda Autograph Collection (Paid stay) - No room upgrade, at check the clerk even confirmed they had given us the smallest room (???)
  • 26/APR - Marriott Suites Deerfield (Paid stay) - No room upgrade (not sure if they have those), free continental breakfast like Platinum Elite, nothing extra
  • 28/APR - Sheraton Grand Chicago (Paid stay) - Room upgrade to the Club floor, but is I look at the floor plan, I have been given worst of all rooms on this floor (noise, phone not working, view, ...) while they are certainly better rooms on this floor

Is this a training issue? Does staff not know what Titanium Elite means? ... or am I doing something wrong here...

Did anybody experience the same or similar things?





As many of you have vented before, resort fees have gotten out of hand and are a shameful attempt as a money grab by Marriott.  Now someone has started a petition on to encourage Marriott to follow the industry trend and remove these fees for high status members.  I find it sad that this is the only way Marriott hears how much of an inconvenience this is to their base and I hope it indeed brings change.  Please sign the petition and hopefully there is movement on this issue.


Go to and search Marriott Bonvoy to find the petition.  We are not allowed to put external links in posts.  

My wife and I booked a 9 night stay at Scrub Island Resort and Marina to celebrate our honeymoon. The expenses associated with traveling to the British Virgin Islands are significant and our expectations were high given that Scrub Island is a Category 7 property. I used 480,000 MR points to book this stay. 


Below is a list of my complaints with a brief description:


1)      Service – About 50% of the staff were fairly rude and did not show any interest in providing good service. The poor service experience was felt as soon as we arrived. The “Guest Experience Director” was underwhelming to say the least and had a bad attitude. We also had multiple interactions with servers that were terrible as well. For example, when my wife would ask questions about specific menu items and the ingredients, the server seemed downright annoyed and answered the questions in a completely disrespectful tone.

2)      Dining -  When we booked our reservation, the Scrub Island Resort website was advertising 4 restaurants. Upon arrival we learned that only 1 restaurant was open – Donovan’s Reef. A major part of our travel experience is food and I would expect that the property/Marriott would provide advance notice about several restaurants being closed. This most likely the most disappointing aspect of our stay. The lack of dining options pushed us to leave Scrub Island a few days into our trip and travel to St. Thomas to stay at another Marriott property (Frenchman’s Cove). Additionally, on a number of occasions we ordered food from Donovan’s Reef only to learn upon delivery of the food that main ingredients were missing because the resort ran out. Not only were we not notified about missing ingredients when we ordered, but we were charged the full price for menu items and the restaurant didn’t offer any compensation.

3)      Physical facilities – After a long day of travel I wanted to take a bath when we arrived. When I turned on the tub in the room (room 1131) the water coming out of the faucet was yellow/brown. I assumed that it may have been because the tub wasn’t used in a while so I let the water run hoping it would filter out. The problem wasn’t fixed until our last day at the resort.


My wife also took a number of photographs of the property that show it is still clearly undergoing fairly significant maintenance. This isn’t a huge issue, but I’d expect to be notified ahead of time.


I stayed 85 nights at Marriott properties in 2018 and this was easily the worst experience we had. It has seriously weakened my confidence in Marriott and turned a major vacation into a letdown for my wife and I. The amount of points I used to book this trip (and points I used to leave Scrub to stay at Frenchman’s Cove) feel like a complete waste. I’m sharing my experience in hopes that Marriott will require resorts to be more transparent. I am going to continue to give my business to Marriott because a majority of my stays are wonderful, however I won’t hesitate to switch my personal and company business to Hilton if we have another poor experience in the near future. 






The Ritz - trying new brands

Posted by kh24 Jan 7, 2019

Enough of the negative, at least with 3 brands becoming one we can explore more hotels and enjoy / build platinum status.


(as a former SPG guy) I tried the Marriott downtown NYC last month, am trying a Residence Inn near Central Park next week and just got the Ritz Carlton in Montreal on budget for late January. Fingers crossed for a suite upgrade at the latter as it's a quiet time of year up there!


Ritz Montreal

In Postcards from Old Montreal (which was my first stay at Delta Montreal after the merger) I forgot to note the exhilarated feeling at check-in when the Front Desk handed over the keys and Platinum Premier perks in a newish black Marriott Rewards sleeve with THINGS ARE LOOKING UPGRADED in all uppercase letters.


Has anyone else got that feeling?