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As the travel year is coming to an end, I've totaled up my Points earnings this year. I decided to track all my travel earnings in a spreadsheet this year (hotel, airline & rental car) to make sure that I was receiving the earned points and also to give me the ability to project both status levels and points that we would have available to apply… (Show more)
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I can’t vouch for its accuracy but this graphic has been posted on Flyertalk indicating the different offers that Marriott has decided to allocate to those who manage to unlock the second part. Note that if this follows previous unlocking bonuses you’ll not be getting a choice, one of these offers will be allocated to you and that’s what you’ll… (Show more)
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So the Mega Bonus promotion is what it is. I unlocked my second offer 3 business days after my 2nd stay and it was get 5000 points after your next stay—however I had 3 stays in between my posting date and my unlock since it occurred over a weekend (so really 5 days). I do not get credit for the 3 stays in between the posting date  and the unlock… (Show more)
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I should be at 46 qualifying nights as soon as a 3 night stay this week posts.  I don't have any other travel planned.  But I do have 2 certificates for "up to 35,000 points" stay.  These won't qualify for Double Elite Night Credit.  So, if I were able to use them by the end of the month, I would be 2 nights short.  Is it worth booking a night on… (Show more)
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I have been platinum or platinum plus for almost 20 years, Currently with the new program, I was made titanium and I am titanium lifetime ( apparently this is a ONE TIME offering for 2018 only if you qualified with a certain # of Stays and points earned in their program) ) and they won't ever make any one titanium Lifetime again as a status. I… (Show more)
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It amazes me - after more than 2 million points and LTP - how poorly the Bonvoy systems track stays and invoices.  I've more than 50 nights already this year, and the system shows 37.  Why?  I dunno.  Probably because the people running check-out or accounting at various properties don't complete some level of stay validation.  I've stays which… (Show more)
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I’m anxiously awaiting what happens next and when. What didn’t happen was an Exclusively Yours promotion.
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How long after the annual credit card anniversary (annual fee) will I receive the 1 Free Night certificate? Days or weeks or month can't remember...
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Has anyone ever actually been upgraded at check-in?  I haven't for all of my Platinum stays.  As soon as they credit my last trip, I'll be Titanium and will see how that works next year.  But with what I hear about how useless SNAs are, I'm wondering if I'll ever see anything above a standard room without paying for it directly.
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Hey Insiders!   I am planning a trip to Disney World in September 2020 for my wife and I! After Disney we would love to hit a beach and relax. Right now I see some cheap flights between Orlando and Fort Lauderdale as well as Orlando to Panama City. I am interested in the Springhill Suites Panama City as it is newer and right on the water but am… (Show more)
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