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Yesterday I receive an e-mail titled VIP INVITATION from Nathalie who is a Senior Manager with the Loyalty Member Experience group.  The e-mail :   To celebrate your loyalty with Marriott Bonvoy™, we are thrilled to invite you and a guest to a complimentary, one-of-a-kind experience on Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at Zahav, recently… (Show more)
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Hey guys I bought some points 05/15 and its still isn't showing on my account. I see on the points site and email that it should only take 24-48 hours. I am unsure why this is happening. 
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I signed up for the Double Take promo when it was offered months ago, knowing I would make out very well with it due to business travel for almost all of April through after the promo ends on June 4th. I read the terms carefully, to ensure all of my nights would count- I was well aware of the fact that it starts with your second stay. I had two… (Show more)
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Click to view contentJust received my second "Target" email in the past five months; this one for 4500 bonus points. Not sure why I even got one as I've got 13 reservations in the systems over the next month so will kill it easy. Strange...I appreciate the easy points; but I hope others are receiving similar target bonus emails. Cheers!
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Click to view contentSo, having followed the whole merger, LTP/LTPP discussion since at least August, I now have a question for those who achieved or believe they've achieved LTPP under the 750 nights plus 10 years platinum criteria.   As of last week, I had 969 nights, combined MR and SPG, roughly 1.58M or so points, and 9 years platinum, and lifetime gold. On… (Show more)
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Hello - I'm a recent convert over to the Marriott program from IHG, so learning the ropes. Doing a Bonvoy Platinum Challenge in June. Once I make Platinum, I'll only have 38 nights for the year. For Titanium will I just need Platinum + 25 = 63 nights Or will I need to finish all 75 nights for Titanium? Hope this makes sense  
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Hi, can anyone explain this?   Here are the 'rate details'. AAA Hot Deals, prepay in full, non-refundable if cancelled less than 3 days before arrival.   This seems to me I should get a refund if I cancel more than 3 days before arrival. Would you agree?   Then below it says: Cancelling Your ReservationYou may cancel your reservation for no… (Show more)
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Thought this would be fun....keep a monthly leader board to encourage some insider competition.  So ill go first.... through 4/21 I have earned 21,832 points in the double points program.....who has more?
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Click to view contentSorry, this is going to be a LONG post because it's going to take a while to make sure everyone knows just how happy I am with Marriott.   When I first joined this forum, I was pretty vocal about my hopes and dreams for earning Ambassador status for this year because I'd be going on my honeymoon.  I joined in on several posts about maximizing… (Show more)
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