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Hey everyone! I've created a Discord server for our community in hopes everyone will be able to use it as a central meeting point and then either stay or Branch out from there.    Just want to make sure everyone has somewhere to go (other than Facebook)    What is discord? If you're not familiar, discord is an online chat platform, similar to… (Show more)
BLACK MOLD all over Sheraton Hotel. Need some advice on the proper way to handle this situation as I am completely baffled at the fact that there is a very clear water damage issue at this hotel, the entire building smells like must and mildew, but that is not even the worst of it, there is visible mold growing all over the rooms from the ceiling,… (Show more)
My wife and I booked with points at Vedema Luxury Collection for a May trip to Santorini. We made the booking months and months ago when the property was still a Category 7. However, due to COVID, we are moving our trip to late summer/early Fall. Unfortunately, Marriott has changed this property to a Category 8. We have the points but are… (Show more)
2020 Choice Benefits just became available. See below:STAY FOR MOREThis year, stay at least 50 eligible nights to choose one of these Annual Choice Benefits from Marriott Bonvoy™: Add five Elite Night Credits to your 2020 total. Save 40% on a bed from your favorite hotel brand. Gift Marriott Bonvoy Silver Elite status to a family member, friend or… (Show more)
communitymanagers can you advise us on when the 50-Night Choice Benefits will be announced for 2020? I went to the link from last year and received the following message: "The 2019 Annual Choice benefit deadline has expired. However, we’ll unveil our 2020 Annual Choice Benefits soon and invite eligible members to select the benefit that suits… (Show more)
Hello Insiders!   I open this thread, to tell you about my experience at Hotel Panamericano Buenos Aires (Marriott brand hotel), and my disagreement with Marriott's Customer Service, where each time the guest is the last in the Marriott chain.   The Panamericano hotel in Buenos Aires, is a hotel that since March has been part of Marriott, in a… (Show more)
New data breach at Marriott.    Read more here Marriott International Notifies Guests of Property System Incident   A couple of key points Marriott believes that this activity started in mid-January 2020 currently no reason to believe that the information involved included Marriott Bonvoy account passwords or PINs, payment card information,… (Show more)
The unexpected "no soft landing" policy downgrade some people, on the other hand, even for those who will still stay in P or T status this year, the point is seeing the situation, how can we earn a P or above status? My 2 up-to-10+ stays travels were cancelled.
It's not surprising that hotels are closing while restrictions are in place preventing people from travelling, but what are the obligations of hotels that choose to close now for a much longer period than restrictions are currently in place for? I received an e-mail from a London hotel today (28 March) saying:   "Following the UK Government… (Show more)
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