• Normal Valet Parking Fees?

    Hi, Insiders!  What do you think is a normal rate for on-site valet? $57.00/day at the Sheraton Grand in Seattle seems egregious, but I rarely rent a car. Does it matter that it is run by a third party?
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  • How to Prevent Terrible Marriott Experience based on Reviews?

    I have an upcoming reservation at the Residence Inn London Kensington due to the budget and location reasons. However, based on the reviews of this hotel - guests have rate: 3.4 / 5 stars on Marriott's own websi...
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  • Why there's zero Marriott properties in Western France?

    Really would like to take a vacation in North Western France (near Rennes, Saint Malo area), but very disappointing that Marriott has zero property or partner hotels to stay in the region. 
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  • I don't get my 10 Elight night meeting bonus.

    Dear Sir,   I have a meeting at Renaissance Hotel Lucknow but I don't get the 10 Elight night and Points. Could you help to check it? I have responsed it many times. Thank you so much.
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  • Wondering about WiFi

    Was wondering if there are monthly plans for The WiFi upgrade option or will i have to do it every day ? planing on a stay of 2 months why i was asking      
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  • Complaint Escalation

    How do I escalate a complaint on a specific property to Marriott Corporate?
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  • Unable to use 7-night certificate?

        I followed the guide below to use my 7-night FNA to book a cat 3 Westin in Feb, but stuck on step 3 --- there is no option to use the certificate. The certificate was extended for a year and e...
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  • What Warrants Filing a Complaint

    I'm just curious about what you all here think warrants complaining to either Marriott or the hotel manager? I recently stayed at a hotel in Mexico City, and my hotel stay was less than great. My buddies and my wife a...
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  • Name Change After Marriage

    Hi - I need to change my name on my account. I have email bonvoy.program@marriot.com and research@marriot.com and both have given me a mailer demon error.   Can you please assist with how I can achieve this?
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  • How do I escalate a complaint that is being ignored by Marriott Customer service?

    I had a bad experience in Delta Kingston, ON where the room we were given (with my wife and toddler) had dust, grit and garbage under the furniture, which wasn't even cleaned the first time I reported it.   ...
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  • Is this normal that combining a reservation voids out the Elite nights?

    I tried to book a King at the Arabellapark Sheraton in Munich for 2 nights but only Double rooms would have been available for 2 nights. Then I realized that I could book each night separately in a King and did it lik...
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  • Can I file a complaint when staying on a friends and family rate? I don't want my friend who issued the form to get in trouble, but my complaint seems justified. .

    I recently tried to stay at a Marriott in Salt Lake City using a friends and family form from a friend who works at Marriott. My stay was for one night and the friends and family rate bumped my rate down by maybe just...
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  • Linking historical bookings with membership account

    Hi, I have some historical marriot bookings which were missed before I registered myself as a member. Would appreciate the process to get those bookings linked with my account.
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  • Will I get my 10 night meeting bonus and Titanium status retroactively?

    I was at 66 nights for last year and had a business meeting at a Courtyard on December 27, which should have given me the 10 bonus nights and pushed me over to Titanium. However, it hasn't posted yet and so I ended th...
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  • claim missing stay

    how do I claim a missing stay. I logged in, click on my name, went to activity - but there is no option to select" claim missing stay". please help
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  • Elite Benefits Matter

    Anyone knows that one of the key benefits for Ambassador is at the hotel's discretion despite the what listed below and no disclaimer that the Your24 is based on hotel's discretion.  We are trying to check in at ...
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  • Terrible change for redemption night for friends

    Just called service hotline and want to add my friend name for my redemption booking. A CS lady named Candy C. informed me that policy for redemption for friend was changed: 1. Booking must be reserved via calling se...
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  • Birthday Elite Night Credit?

    Did Bonvoy end the birthday elite night credit? My birthday came and went in March without the email from Marriott wishing me a happy birthday and gifting me an elite night credit.
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  • Differing cancellation conditions at W Verbier - what to do?

    Hi, I have made a booking at the W in Verbier in February. It's a points plus cash booking and my cancellation conditions at the time of booking, on the email confirmation, and on my Bonvoy account say that I can can...
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  • Complaint RE recent Marriott Bonvoy Issues

    Apologies to post this here... I do have a story to tell but would rather Community Managers reach out prior to me posting the extremely poor service I have received despite being an Ambassador Status member.. Can a m...
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