• Not Marriott quality!

    Recently we stayed 4 days at the Columbus Airport Marriott using a suite upgrade with Platinum Elite, the room we were given was the former meeting room with no couch, decorations or a dresser. According to the F...
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  • Escalating an un-answered complaint

    I recently had a bad experience staying at a new Luxury Collection property in the UK, which deserved a letter of complaint, which I addressed personally to the GM.  That was two weeks ago and I have not had any ...
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  • How to contact Marriott Corporate complaints department?

    Good Evening, I would like to share my disappointing experience with service at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay property on 11/16-11/17. I reserved a room (reservation #98614030) for my parents as a combination 55th ...
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  • Changes is coming for marriott events rewards?

    I heard that marriott bonvoy members will not get 10 elite night credias for their first meeting starting from next year, is it true? communitymanagers The information source is from marriott customer servic...
  • Birthday Elite Night Credit?

    Did Bonvoy end the birthday elite night credit? My birthday came and went in March without the email from Marriott wishing me a happy birthday and gifting me an elite night credit.
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  • Elite Benefits Matter

    Anyone knows that one of the key benefits for Ambassador is at the hotel's discretion despite the what listed below and no disclaimer that the Your24 is based on hotel's discretion.  We are trying to check in at ...
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  • Night credits when not paying personally

    I recently travelled with a client who asked that I choose the hotels that we would stay in.  I picked out three Marriotts for two nights each.  My client insisted that he pay for the rooms to "keep things t...
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  • Charged for a stay I didn't take

    How do I escalate an issue with a "reservation" I have talked to Marriott customer service 2x and just sent an email to customer care.  I'm not feeling very optimistic that I will get a resolution.   ...
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  • Worthington Renaissance Hotel in Fort Worth

    Does anybody have a good manager contact at the Worthington Renaissance Hotel in Fort Worth?  I have a reservation there this weekend and requested the Titanium member suite upgrade.  Was told by reservation...
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  • Stays Booked Before Unlock Not Counting?

    Hey Folks!!   I'm four stays into the current Marriott promotional offer. The first two stays grabbed 2000 points. These two also unlocked my next offer. My next two stays have posted, but my "promo thermometer" ...
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  • Two Paid Stays mean Booked via Marriott.com or Any Site?

    I referred someone through the 2 nights, earn freenight promotion: https://www.joinmarriottbonvoy.com/freenight16/   Does anyone know if the 2 paid stays have to be bookings through marriott.com or can be made ...
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  • Points deducted from account without my knowledge

    I have been staying at the Courtyard Phoenix North every week for the past few weeks (traveling for work) and have booked using the 53M code for the 2k a day promotion. Since these points never automatically post to t...
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  • Birthday night

    Hi staff:   my birthday was 6/7 and it has been pasted but I haven’t receive yearly b’day elite night credit.please help to add it.thank u
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  • Birthday elite night

    Hi staff:   my birthday was 19/11 and it has been pasted but I haven’t receive yearly b’day elite night credit.please help to add it.thank u
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  • Best way to get a complaint addressed when property Manager fails to help?!

    What is the best way to get a complaint addressed when the Manager of a property fails to help?! I booked a room for 3 nights to attend an event in Boston area in October. Apparently there were two reservations u...
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  • Birthday Elite Night Credit

    Hi staff:   my birthday was 15/11 and it has been pasted but I haven’t receive yearly b’day elite night credit.please help to add it. I’ve received it last year.   Xing 
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  • Marriott changing cash due on award reservation after confirmed booking??

    On Oct 31st, I booked an award stay at the Equinox (Manchester, Vt) for 3 nights at the end of February 2020. I have an email from Marriott confirming a rate of 160,000 points + resorts fees/valet parking/etc of $224 ...
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  • Free night certificate question

    I was wondering if anyone is able to view their expired or used free night certificate under 'Activity' on your account's page. I was looking for my certificate to redeem and it was no longer on my account. Spoke to c...
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  • Marriott Ocean Pointe vs Oceana Palms vs Singer Island Marriott ?

    Hello, We have hard time deciding on which hotel to choose for our next vacation and wondering if anybody can give us some input. We would like a beach front property. Full kitchen and washer dryer is a must since w...
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  • Missing stay no folio

    How does one claim missing nights when not in possession of a folio. It was not available at check out and despite requests to the hotel has not been sent by email. Very frustrating and frankly as an Ambassador member...
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