• Hotel Adagio -- dirty rooms

    I live in the East Bay and booked a small staycation in San Francisco for the weekend. Marriott was offering low rates for the weekend at $131 a night at the Hotel Adagio part of the Autograph Collection, who could co...
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  • Emails are not received by my referrals

    Anyone use the Referral page lately?  Emails are not received by my referrals. https://www.marriott.com/loyalty/earn/reward-a-friend.mi refer-a-friend
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  • Service industry vs favor industry

    Is the Marriott Marquis part of the service industry or the I am doing you a favor industry?   Yesterday I arrived to New York for a weekend gateway and I had booked a room at the Marriott Marquis hotel which I ...
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    Is anyone else having issues with the bonvoy app. I have 24 trips and the app will not show me a single trip. I have called them 3 times and tried everything under the sun. Nothing seems to work. I had my friend log o...
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  • Titanium Elite member losing status because of "qualifying stays"

    I am a Titanium Elite, Lifetime Silver member and work in the Mobile Broadcast industry. Most of my stays are covered under a master account and I do not actually pay for them. But I spend a lot of my time in Marriott...
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  • Electronic Mobile Key Card Function with the App

    The Benefits section of Marriott says: "Use our apps to check in and out, or use your phone as your room key." When I had the SPG App loaded, I had the roomkey connection on the app and it worked; the Marriott App ne...
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  • Platinum Challenge

    After speaking with a representative back in September I was under the assumption that I was in the Platinum Elite challenge which consisted of spending 16 nights. So come to find out I called back in October to take ...
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  • Normal Valet Parking Fees?

    Hi, Insiders!  What do you think is a normal rate for on-site valet? $57.00/day at the Sheraton Grand in Seattle seems egregious, but I rarely rent a car. Does it matter that it is run by a third party?
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  • Can I file a complaint when staying on a friends and family rate? I don't want my friend who issued the form to get in trouble, but my complaint seems justified. .

    I recently tried to stay at a Marriott in Salt Lake City using a friends and family form from a friend who works at Marriott. My stay was for one night and the friends and family rate bumped my rate down by maybe just...
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  • Terrible change for redemption night for friends

    Just called service hotline and want to add my friend name for my redemption booking. A CS lady named Candy C. informed me that policy for redemption for friend was changed: 1. Booking must be reserved via calling se...
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  • Sad and horrible experience at Marriott location with my newborn

    It is extremely sad to write such an email regarding one of my most beloved brands, Marriott. This is regarding my current stay at Residence Inn Marriott, 10 Murray Hill Pkwy, East Rutherford, NJ 07073 - The trip sta...
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  • Why oh why does Marriott not post the email addresses of the hotels ?

    Does someone know why Marriott doesn't consistently post the email addresses of the hotels in the Hotel's contact information on the Marriott website ? There is an address, a phone number, a fax number (who still uses...
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  • Help: was the status challenge effort all for nothing?

    I am hoping someone can help me. In the beginning of September I took on new responsibilities at work that would significantly increase my travel. I called Bonvoy and activated the platinum elite challenge...or so I t...
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  • Before you cancel points then rebook, SYSTEM UNSTABLE

    System unstable
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  • Points used to cover "Extra Person  Charge??"

    Been doing some research on extra person charges and didn't see this covered.   My family (spouse and son(16)) are planning a trip to Munich and Stuttgart next spring.  I am booking using points (Platin...
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  • Points Chasing & Missing Folios

    Sometimes I don’t have the energy to deal with one more issue I shouldn’t have to deal with but... here goes.   I had reserved two rooms for a two-night stay at the Aloft in Liverpool.  When p...
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  • No Points or Nights

    This is the first time this has happened to me, so I am wondering if the rules have changed.  My company booked me into a Courtyard Marriott and after the stay I found that I was not going to receive any points o...
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    I recently stayed at the Springhills suites in port ST. Lucie FL. checked out of the Hotel Sunday morning (October 27). Monday morning my husband realizes he left his wedding ring in the bathroom sink of the hotel. ri...
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  • Suite Nights Award Expiration

    I chose 5 suite night awards in January 2019 as my choice benefit.  I have only used one night.  Do the remaining 4 nights expire December 31, 2019 if I don't use them?  Can I request to used them on a ...
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  • FaceBook Marriott Bonvoy Ambassador Elites Group

    How many of you with Ambassador status belong to this group?  Do you find it useful?
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