• Why there's zero Marriott properties in Western France?

    Really would like to take a vacation in North Western France (near Rennes, Saint Malo area), but very disappointing that Marriott has zero property or partner hotels to stay in the region. 
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  • Cannot download bills from website

    I have been trying to download my bills from my Marriott rewards account and it does not allow me to do so at this time.  I have tried different browsers and still no luck.  Is there a reason this feature do...
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  • Not getting Enhanced Internet

    As a platinum elite member, one of the perks is getting free enhanced internet at every Marriott property. Anytime I stayed at a Marriott property before, I would get to choose which internet option I wanted to go wit...
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  • TV Access for the Internet

    So here’s a question, since being a leader in giving us Internet TV, the programming has shrunk substantially from offering NetFlix, Hulu, HBO Go and or Showtime to Netflix, Pandora (huh?) and Crackle whatever t...
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  • Phone numbers for Marriott Customer Service

    Anyone have a Tried and True or favorite phone number? I'm planning to start my calls with (800) 321-7396. C   What I found in my phone number search - hopefully save you the time researching (YMMV): In Te...
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  • Careful combining cash with redemption reservations at hotel

    We had 3 reservations with 2 days on cash, next day points and last day cash. When desk agent attempted to combine all 3 at check-in to insure key card for all 4 days, she inadvertently canceled the last night reserva...
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  • Searching for "Pets Allowed" can't be done - Why not an advanced search feature?

    Who else things that that an advanced search feature is needed?   My gripe is that there is no way to easily find a pet friendly hotel property without opening each and every listing when doing a reservation sea...
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  • Spirit to Serve Award nomination

    Here is the link to nominate Marriott associates who provide outstanding customer service for the Spirit to Serve Award. C Spirit to Serve  Nominate an associate for a Spirit to Serve award. You&...
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  • Missing Stay Follow Up

    I need to speak to someone a missing stay request.  I submitted it yesterday and it was answered; however, I was told that it is reflected on my account when it is not.  This has been a HORRIBLE process!...
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  • Have PointSavers been discontinued?

    No U.S. or International properties are listed at Book with PointSavers | Marriott Bonvoy . Is it my browser? IT issue? communitymanagers? C 
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  • I need help and no one is willing to listen or help me!!

    Hi I'm at the end of my rope and is hoping someone is willing to help me here.    I have been traveling for work weekly for the past 6 years and have had good service with Marriott but I have had this issue...
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  • Screen shot, screen shot, screen shot!

    You know the saying, "location, location, location," right? My new mantra is screen shot, screen shot, screen shot when reserving at a Marriott property. C
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  • How do I escalate a complaint on my displeasure at Mira moon Hong Kong

    I have opened the ticket with 99409241 at the official Marriott website. I found out dirt on my bed while packing my stuff for check out. I’ve been staying at Marriott for many years. I think you can check the c...
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  • My Insider profile shows incorrect status

    I have been platinum elite member but my insider profile shows me as gold.  How do I update my insider status to platinum?
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  • Refer a friend not working

    Hi,   for the last 3 weeks refer a friend website not working for me, I have referred few friends but non of them got it, is there any solution for this? another way to refer a friend and get bonus points?
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  • Folio Download Function Unresponsive

    As many of you know there is a "Download" button next to each confirmed stay under "Activity" on your Marriott Rewards splash page. Has this button ever actually worked? I've never been able to get it to work...&...
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  • Marriott Website - Can’t book on site with Adblock. W.T.F. Marriott!?!?

    Round and round in circles now....over and over... a BS “An unexpected error has occurred” error message keeps occurring when attempting to book a room on Marriott.com when using  Chrome for iOS ...
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  • 200$ Hotel in Times Square for Platinum member

    Hi All,    I saw few posts about great Marriott hotels in NYC. most of them are out of my budget. What hotels can feet my budget and maybe I can get upgrade for nicer room suite? my dates: 16-23/01/19 &#...
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  • Website flaws

    1. Has anyone noticed that there is no "Sort by" : Price option when looking for hotels in a given city? Seems like a pretty important sort criteria that used to be there in previous version.  2. The Marriott In...
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