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  • I need help and no one is willing to listen or help me!!

    Hi I'm at the end of my rope and is hoping someone is willing to help me here.    I have been traveling for work weekly for the past 6 years and have had good service with Marriott but I have had this issue...
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  • How do I escalate a complaint on my displeasure at Mira moon Hong Kong

    I have opened the ticket with 99409241 at the official Marriott website. I found out dirt on my bed while packing my stuff for check out. I’ve been staying at Marriott for many years. I think you can check the c...
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  • Marriott experience post merger turning nasty

    Hello,   I am a Lifetime Gold Marriott member staying at Marriott Hotels for 1,789 nights to-date.  My LifeTime points was about 1,700,000 last month.  Post merger, my status has removed my lifetime st...
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  • My Insider profile shows incorrect status

    I have been platinum elite member but my insider profile shows me as gold.  How do I update my insider status to platinum?
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  • 200$ Hotel in Times Square for Platinum member

    Hi All,    I saw few posts about great Marriott hotels in NYC. most of them are out of my budget. What hotels can feet my budget and maybe I can get upgrade for nicer room suite? my dates: 16-23/01/19 &#...
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  • What is the best property in Hong Kong for a leisure stay?

    I plan on going to Hong Kong toward the end of January with my girlfriend. This is a decidedly leisure, non-business stay.  We want to be located near the tourist attractions. My internet research is suggest...
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  • Reservations Canceled At Fault of Hotel and Nothing Has Been Done - Trip is 16 days away!

    I have a trip coming up in 16 days, for 3 reservations, and I am Elite Status. The hotel emailed a couple of days ago to say construction is preventing them from honoring our stay, and I contacted the hotel, to which ...
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  • Marriott Vacation Club Owners

    Is Marriott now trying to get all time share owners to convert to points by waiving the previous fee they wanted to charge to owners? 
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  • How can I save the picture to my profile avatar?

    How to I change my avatar/ profile to a picture? 
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  • How do I change avatar to a picture

    How to I change my avatar/ profile to a picture? 
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  • ID card

    Is there a card with the account number and name available that could be presented at the receptionist?
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    UNACCEPTABLE!   this is after I got confirmation and paid for my reservation....       Dear Mr. XXXXX!   Unfortunately, there was a crash in the system in 2nd of December which excepted 100 ...
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  • What are Participation Badges?

    Participation Badges are distinctions earned by completing specific missions within the community, like; uploading an avatar, starting a discussion, answering questions and interacting with others. Monitor your progre...
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  • What is my Participation Meter?

    Your Participation Meter shows how much you have contributed to the Insiders community (posts, replies, answers, status updates, likes, etc.), and will automatically adjust upward as you make more contributions. Unlik...
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  • Badges Are Back!

    Hey bejacob, you'll be happy to know that the "badges" are now displaying again on the Account Overview page.  Does this make you want to get your last badge?
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  • Fed Up

    OK I know this is going to sound INSANE, I but here goes anyway, as I've stated before we relocated here from the Dallas area. We stayed at Courtyard Marriott for the 1st 2 months I guess, I then moved to another Hote...
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  • Do I need to register to earn a specific Participation Badge, or will it automatically appear?

    No, you do not need to register; simply complete the mission for any badge, and it will automatically be posted to your profile. To see how it works, try a simple mission like “On the Lookout,” that only r...
  • Where do my Participation Badges appear after I’ve earned them?

    Your Participation Badges will automatically appear on your Insiders profile as soon as you complete the mission for a specific Participation Badge.     Related FAQs Where do my Participation Badges appear ...
  • How do I accumulate Milestone Badges?

    Milestone Badges reflect the frequency of your participation in the Insiders community. To accumulate milestone badges, simply post discussions, questions, polls, replies and otherwise enriching the content available ...