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That's San Francisco in the rear view mirror as we head to New York City for another monumental stay.. Get that St. Regis before the points rate explodes!!


Unique Hotel # 493.. The Maxwell New York City, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel. This hotel was formally a W. The first in the W brand. I watched the rate and boy was it low. I was backed up on this rate watch by the man among men of rate watchers.. erc!! He too saw this  anomaly and it caused us to go deep in the hotel reviews. Oh my!!!  This place may be a dump!!.  I gave it a few months and decided to take the plunge. For $94 with a 7500 bonus point kicker, it had to be worth the risk, right?  Well, it was. The young lady at check-in even waved that dreaded destination fee.


They have a long way to go...they're spending millions..but the staff was great, the location was great, the upgraded corner suite was very nice. The breakfast was just okay, but overall, if you can get that low rate, grab it. This won't stay down for long.


#494  The St. Regis New York. My first St  Regis. The price here never gets low...The date I was looking for never dropped below $685 for the cheapest room. The 60,000 points for one night was going to expire and jump soon, so it had to be done. Now, let's see if this Suite Night Awards thing can pay off. BINGO!!!! The Madison Suite was requested and...…….Yes!!!!!!!!! It was granted. What a hotel, what a room, what a breakfast, what a location!!!!  A truly outstanding experience. Missed out on the ride in the Bentley, but for my one and maybe only St Regis stay, it was grand. As far as the signature cocktail in the King Cole Bar, yes, by all means, order up a Red Snapper.

500?  What 500?  The Daytona 500? The Indianapolis 500? No, the Marriott 500!!!  The race is coming down the final straightaway. With 490 unique Marriott Branded properties in the rear view, I had just TEN to go. Let the great reveal begin.


#491    A post Christmas trip to San Francisco chalked up the first Luxury Collection Hotel of the big 500.  Palace Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, San Francisco.... was royal and exquisite. Historic grandeur elevated with a massive suite upgrade landed this hotel in my all time top 20.  


#492   Still in the City by the Bay.... W San Francisco crossed off the first W of the modern era.  Nice location, a bit disappointing. The staff were great, the chic design, not so much. 

I participated in, and won, a bidding on Marriott Moments for a footy game in the U.K.  It was my first attempt at the Marriott Moments game, so I was a bit stunned that I came away with tickets to Old Trafford. The upside was the win..the downside was the short wick. I was notified April 2nd for an April 13th game!!


Needless to say, airline fares had begun the steep upclimb to $2000 by April 2nd.....I had checked back on March 15th and my carrier, American Airlines, had $850 tix....but now, Oh MY!!!!!  The long and short of my panic filled search was to find a British Airways itinerary starting at EWR (90 minutes from home) to LHR to MAN. The price was right and I'm set.  My son will join me and he's coming from a different starting point, but we both arrive at MAN near 9:00AM on the 12th. I booked his ticket with American Miles at the reduced Economy fare.  We were set for the flights!!!


Hotels... . We get in early on the 12th and have booked the Renaissance Manchester City Centre for £113 (plus a 4000 point booster). This allows for an easy train from the airport. It also puts us in a great location to see the town and do a bit of pub crawling. The game night stay is set for The AC Hotel Salford Quays on points.




I'll reblog with details of the trip and the a review of the hotels and the City once called Cottonopolis.