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Every once in awhile, I'll pull into the parking lot at a Marriott property and get that Déjà vu feeling....

Have I been here before? Was it a stay? Was it a meeting?



So I decided to recreate my Marriott history since 1994. With a little help from communitymanagers, I was able to fill in a couple of my early years that happened BT (before tracking). I'm still missing about 100 nights (don't ask me why). I've STAYED in Marriott properties in 13 different countries. I've stayed in 31 States and the District of Columbia. So from stays that I can document with more than just memory, here it goes:


Total of all hotels is 320 different hotels for 586 separate stays.....over 1200 nights and counting


Full Services: 86 hotels for 150 stays ranging from 1 night to 22 nights.


Ritz  1 hotel for 1 stay

Gaylord 1 hotel for 1 stay

Autograph  3 hotels for 4 stays

JW Marr.   2 hotels for 3 stays

Renaissance  18 hotels for 22 stays

Marriott & CCs  61 hotels for 119 stays


I thought about our old friend lakersfan who last reported 154 different Marriott's & CCs...that's incredible.



Select Service: 172 hotels for 313 stays ranging from 1 night to 7 nights 


AC 2 hotels for 2 stays

CY 62 hotels for 88 stays

SHS 36 hotels for 66 stays

FFI  72 hotels for 157 stays



Long Term Stay: 61 hotels for 120 stays ranging from 1 night to 7 nights


ResInn 43 hotels for 74 stays

TPS   18 hotels for 46 stays



Vacation Clubs: 1 hotel for 3 stays.



I'll add more specifics to remind me and my MRI friends of some very nice properties. I have some very special favorite hotels......I just booked a 10 night stay for the Courtyard in Bridgetown, Barbados!!



Now, let's hear some of the numbers out there. How many of my MRI friends have cracked 100 different hotels? Which were your favorites?