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We'll cover the visit to the Petronas Twin Towers and the Putrajaya Marriott in this posting.


Let's start with the Towers. The three Marriott properties, The Ritz, JW, and the Renaissance are all within walking distance. Staying at the JW, I simply had to walk across the street and enter a covered pathway. This walkway takes you through shopping areas and the convention center. It's hard to describe other than it's a whistle clean air conditioned 20 minute stroll about 20 feet above the ground. Once at the Towers, you head down an escalator toward the ticket gate. The first tour starts at 9AM. The queue was twelve deep for my 8AM arrival. By 8:30AM, over 50 people were in line. The ticketing process goes quick once the gate opens (around 8:35). You can choose your tour time for any slot that day. I chose 9AM   .


The sharp looking tour guides break attendees up into groups of 12 or so with the use of color badges. No food, drink, or chewing gum is allowed on the tour. All bags, including my backpack, were stored in a coat check like booth.  After a short safety and behavior announcement, up you go! First stop is the Skybridge on the 41st level. You're now about 560 feet above the ground. This Skybridge is not hard fastened to the towers at this level. They did this to allow for a small amount of swing for earthquakes and such. It's a terrific view of the city from the midpoint of this 170 ft bridge. Can you spot the Renaissance in a picture below?


After a 20 minute or so stay, it's time to move up to the 86th level observation deck. You're now almost 1200 ft in the air. Very cool!! The first few pictures below are from the ticket area up to the observation deck. I've included a couple of shots looking up at the towers from outside in the mall for perspective .


Part two of this part two posting is about the Putrajaya Marriott. This is the fourth Marriott property in the area, but not in KL. Putrajaya is about 15 miles south of KL. The Marriott has a shuttle to the local train station or directly to the city, but it only goes once or twice per day. A short cab ride will also get you to the train station, but beware..if the hotel sets up the taxi, you'll pay the hotel directly and the jacked up service charge nearly doubles the fee. Without the hotel's help, the taxi fare is about $7. The train ticket was $3 each way.


The Marriott is part of a complex known as iOi Resort. There is a brand new upscale shopping mall, a golf course, condo village, and two tall buildings that are under construction. I believe the buildings will be mainly offices with some residential. This resort area sits somewhat alone. You'll need to rent a vehicle or take a cab to get about anywhere worth visiting. The hotel itself is impressive. Huge marble staircases off the lobby take you down to the restaurant area. I was upgraded to a junior suite on the 9th floor upon arrival. The executive lounge is on the 12th floor. I'll go into a bit more detail of the lounge in the next posting. The staff is 100% professional and loaded with guest pleasing smilers. I'll post some pics of the Marriott soon.


Not sure why some of the pics are on their side. They look good when I add them but turn after posting. Any help communitymanagers