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The BA flights from PHL to LHR (7hrs) and then to DUB (1hr) were smooth and roomy! I enjoyed row 29 all to myself. My original seat in row 17 had a window person. I always ask the gate agent if there are any rows clear, by moving back, I get lucky quite a bit.


It rained, lightly, the first afternoon upon arrival. The November temps are light jacket comfortable. The city is one big smiling Irishman! Everyone is outgoing and friendly...that is so nice.  I did a quick walking tour from my hotel...The Herbert Park. The hotel is located in the Ballsbridge section. This is an upscale area that contains many Embassies.  Two local pubs , The Bridge and Mary Mac's, took care of my mid evening people watching and raucous conversation itch. The art of drawing a Guinness is quite the spectacle and very exact. FYI, for those that prefer less than a pint, many beers can be ordered by the glass. I'll add pictures soon.


Day two has brought a wee bit more rain. The light jacket and Cubs cap or umbrella take care of the rain. I'll add the Hop on Hop off bus tour findings later tonight.......


The bus tour was right on. There is a company, with 8 new buses circling the city, that treated me to almost a private tour. I hopped on near St. Stephen's Green, just across the street from The Shelbourne Dublin, A Renaissance Hotel.  I had the tour guide to myself for close to 30 minutes! The bus winds through the southside and crosses the River Liffey to the northside. Since I had the guide's personal attention, I took one loop without ever hopping off.


I started my three kilometer walk back to Ballsbridge on the northside. Over the River Liffey and through the Merchants Arch landed me in the Temple Bar area. This is a touristy, bar, club, shops, etc. area that is worth a visit. I continued on through the Grafton Street shopping district. This was full of upscale stores and some local merchants, as well. Even in the rain on a Tuesday night, many folks were out and about. Back to my hotel, I walked across to Paddy Cullen's for a soothing bowl of Irish Stew. Sorry about the picture, it's half gone, I couldn't wait


Part 2 will be along shortly. The beauty of Ireland is a must see!