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We're on the halfway hump for our trip. The weather is unbeatable. Of all the things that this island paradise has to offer, I'd rank this weather right at the top. It's amazing how the proper climate can suck the stress right out of you. Typically, it takes a couple of days to wind down from the real world while on it took about two hours.


We took some advice from our Insider friends, iahflyr and jakeal, to sample the local cuisine. Coconut Joe's had excellent Jerk wings. They were sweeter than the normal jerk seasoned items I've had in the past, but very good. I had a salad to include grilled chicken. Unfortunately, the chicken was under cooked. The salad had potential, but under cooked chicken is a nono. Mrs. Pained had the Fish tacos...ooooh, they were excellent!! We also had breakfast at Cimboco. Nice, light atmosphere. The Eggs Benedict was very good. They have an extensive offering of hot teas. I liked that. Mrs. Pained enjoyed the coffee.


We've toured the center of George Town by foot. Easy walking, lots of shops and historic buildings. Any time you go out strolling, you will see the local rooster (and family). These guys are colorful and full of vigor. Another common native is the iguana. These fellas have the local rep of our squirrels. Many businesses put up a metallic tree wrap to keep these guys from climbing.


Cayman Marriott Sign.JPG

Cayman Rooster 1.JPG

Cayman Rooster 2.JPGCayman Iguana 1.JPG

As we all know, the anticipation of going somewhere we've never been is exhilarating.  A smooth (Free,1st Class!) plane ride to a Caribbean island helps keep that mojo working. Our first 24 hours on Grand Cayman has been great.


Our Sunday afternoon arrival to the airport was aided by the friendly greeters. Less than 10 minutes through customs, 2 minutes wait for a cab, 7 minute cab ride ($20) to the Marriott, and complimentary fruit punch couldn't have gone smoother. Check-in time is 4 PM, but our room was ready to go for our 1 PM arrival. The excellent front desk staff asked all the right questions and had us in our upgraded 5th floor room in no time. Our room, 501, has been recently renovated and is well appointed. We have a courtyard view with a peak at the ocean from the balcony.


As we read on Insiders prior to arrival, the beach is narrow. It's really nice, but beach chairs cover 90% of the sand. We walked down to the beach at 2:30 PM. Chair covers and towels are provided as part of the dreaded resort fee. There is a sign posted stating that unattended chairs will be up for grabs after 1 hour. Unfortunately, many folks seem to get there early, stake out multiple chairs and feel entitled to their use until sun down. The issue is that people get there at 8AM hang for an hour, leave a beach bag to look as if they are still in the area...then take off. The hotel staff does there best to police this activity, but it's just a shame that people act this way. Picture this... 150 chairs, 80% empty, but "covered" for invisible beachgoers. We found a couple of chairs, but it was more challenging than need be. The walk to the beach passes by the pond in the courtyard where the hometown turtles like to sun themselves.


The weather...aaaahhhh, the weather. It is simply beautiful. High of 82 low of 74. Sunday is a day where many shops are closed. We walked 5 minutes to Camana Bay and enjoyed a drink and appetizer at KARoo. After our lite bite, we returned to a bonfire on the beach hosted by the Marriott staff. Very enjoyable!



Cayman Island Marriott 4.JPG

Cayman Island Marriott 3.JPG




The next (last?) big snow storm is grinding across the country toward Philadelphia. Mrs. Pained is sitting right next to me as we fly over the Outer Banks heading toward Grand Cayman. Seven days of 80° temps versus shoveling another foot of snow off the driveway. Let's hope my son remembers how to use the shovel while we're gone!