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I'll be taking my first trip to Costa Rica in a couple of weeks. This is another work-then-pleasure trip. My client has set me up in their preferred hotel for the first part of the journey... The InterContinental Hotel in San Jose. The second part of the trip includes a reservation for Los Suenos Marriott Ocean and Golf Resort. Both hotels look grand. Any comments from experienced Costa Rican travelers on these hotels would be appreciated.


My air travel is all set. USAir flies direct from PHL to SJO (San Jose, Costa Rica) on Saturdays. This is the only day to catch the direct flight. I've read that the roads in Costa Rica leave quite a bit to be desired. Is this still true today? I haven't set up a car rental yet, I'm hoping to get more info on this topic.


The bottom line....I'll be blogging on the Costa Rica experience right here on Marriott Insiders. I'm looking for some ideas, tips, cautions, etc. to max my time in this new-to-me land.