Day 1... Big Travel

Blog Post created by painedplatinum on Jul 12, 2012

I better start at day minus one.  Yesterday was get ready day. I printed off all important documents and made copies for my wife. Sort of a home made itinerary. I created one spread sheet with all flight, hotel, train, and work info. I like to include addresses, phone numbers and time at location. I also leave copies of my passport and the 2 credit cards that will travel with me. I packed my work supplies. Next was to gather additional suitcase and backpack. Once that was set. I was ready for travel day.


The trip to the airport was to start at 1PM for a 4PM flight. I like to get up early (6:30) and do the last two loads of laundry for ease of packing. Everything was ready to go by 9AM. We like to use the bed as the staging area for the big pack session. A few years ago, I started to roll all items prior to putting them in the suitcase. I read this somewhere as a tip to avoiding most wrinkles. It works pretty well. I carry a backpack for these long overseas journeys. An extra set of clothes, a small towel, toiletries and a computer are in the backpack. I also bring along a clipboard full of puzzles and a pen. The train I'll be taking from Sydney to Canberra has luggage size and weight restrictions. I converted kg to pounds and found that 44 lbs equals the max of 20kg allowed. The conversion of cm to inches was done and everything was packed and under the limits.



Off to the airport 1:05PM...... Have to run to the next flight, will share an embarrassing story later.... you'll next hear from me in OZ.