A Century Later

Blog Post created by anadyr on Nov 20, 2017

prince-of-wales-suite.jpgWe stayed at the Delta Barrington hotel, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada last year. Great hotel, great suite upgrade, free breakfast, free valet parking--the works.


This December 6th marks the 100th anniversary of one of the most massive explosions of the century when a French ammunition shop collided with  another vessel. A fire on board the French ship ignited her cargo, causing a large explosion that devastated much of Halifax. Approximately 2,000 people were killed by the blast, debris, fires or collapsed buildings, and an estimated 9,000 others were injured. The blast was the largest man-made explosion prior to the development of nuclear weapons, releasing the equivalent energy of roughly 2.9 kilotons of TNT.




The city of Halifax is rebuilt, but the memory of that day, nearly a century ago, remains etched in the minds of many there.