Spark Results: Community Navigation Elements

Blog Post created by communitymanagers on Apr 15, 2013

Spark Baseline


The purpose of this spark is to weigh the importance of several navigation elements to better find your way around the community and the information you're interested in.



March 25 – April 5



Over the course of the two weeks, we received 27 responses to the mock-up provided. Thanks to those of you that contributed and we look forward to hearing feedback from more Insiders in the future!



Spark Results

Based upon your feedback on the mock-up provided, the three most important navigation elements aren't very surprising:

  • Search (67%)
  • Communications (48%)
  • Create (48%)


When you consider the two highest ratings (somewhat important and very important), a slightly different order emerges:

  • Activity (82%)
  • Search (82%)
  • Communications (78%)




And here's a sampling of the feedback provided:

  • I would hope that any changes are made to improve the entire Marriott Rewards Insiders experience, not just to pretty up the site
  • It's honestly far too dificult to provide constructive feedback on a screenshot
  • Awkward, clunky, hard to use
  • I thought it was clean and concise and easy to follow



Next Steps

We wanted to see if the sum of the individual parts shown in the mock-up would ultimately make it easier for you to find information and contribute, and your feedback tells us we're headed in the right direction.


We've heard a desire from Insiders to make the community easier to navigate and ultimately find the information you're looking for. Now, with this prioritized list of navigation elements, we can further refine the navigation so it takes up less vertical space while functionally being more intuitive. We'll explore some additional options and bring those back to the community for input, ultimately providing a live demo so you can interact with each link to really get a sense of its use. There's some work ahead of us, but we appreciate your loyalty and your input.



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