Combine Accounts Update

Blog Post created by communitymanagers on Aug 20, 2018


This weekend, we began the process of updating our systems to launch our new loyalty program.

At this time, we are excited to share that we have brought together all of our channels and members can now book all 6,700 hotels on and corresponding apps.

Later today, we are planning to rollout Combine Accounts functionality in batches to members to ensure site stability and a seamless user experience. When you log in to your account and see the prompt, you can then manually combine your accounts to view joint activity and one point balance. Accounts can only be combined by you, the member. Even if you linked your Rewards and SPG accounts prior to this change, you still need to take the action to combine your accounts once it is available to you.

To combine your accounts, all you need is your login info for both accounts. Combine and keep your Rewards number here. Prefer to keep your new SPG number? Combine here

We are also aware of and are currently working to solve a few known issues impacting some members, particularly issues around status not displaying correctly.

As a reminder, will periodically have additional updates.


8/20 Update


We are excited to announce that Account Combine functionality is now rolling out in batches to members through tomorrow. As a result, when members log in and see the prompt, they will now have the opportunity to combine their accounts.