How to Use Your Current Travel Package Certificate Prior to 8/18

Blog Post created by communitymanagers on Aug 10, 2018

On 8/18, our new Travel Package offering will launch along with our new loyalty program. After our loyalty programs become one, our new Travel Package award chart will go into effect and members will be able to book for packages at all 6,700 of our hotels.

If you currently have a Travel Package Certificate that’s not yet attached to a hotel reservation, you have the following options:

- If you know when you want to travel, make a new reservation or attach your certificate to an existing one prior to August 18, 2018.

- If you are still trying to plan that perfect trip, you can hold onto the certificate and will be able to add it to a reservation starting September 18, 2018.

Please note that you will not be able to modify your certificate for an existing reservation or attach it to a new one between August 18 and September 18, 2018. Please plan accordingly.

Do not hesitate to reach out with questions. We look forward to making this transition as smooth as possible.


8/18 Update




For members with existing Travel Packages (booked prior to today and not yet attached to a reservation), today we are able to share how they will convert within the newly unified program. Please see the full chart below.


No existing Travel Package certificate is losing value in terms of points and, with the new Free Night Award Chart that goes live today, 70% of our hotels either stayed at the same redemption rate threshold or moved down. As we structured the conversion chart, we considered the introduction of peak and off-peak redemption rates, which will be introduced in early 2019. This means that if you have an existing Category 9 certificate, which converts to Category 6 starting today, holders will still be able to attach the certificate to a stay when redemption rates within that category are at their highest.


Please let us know if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to answer.


Existing Travel Package category

How Travel Packages will convert starting today (8/18) 

Cat 1-5 (max 25K points)

Cat 1-4 (max 30K points)

Cat 6 (30K points)

Cat 1-4 (max 30K points)

Cat 7 (35K points)

Cat 5 (max 40K points)

Cat 8 (40K points)

Cat 5 (max 40K points)

Cat 9 (45K points)

Cat 6 (max 60K points) 

Tier 1-3 (max 50K points)

Cat 6 (max 60K points)

Tier 4-5 (max 70K points)

Cat 7 (max 70K points)