Say hello to your new Featured Insider: PlatinumBoyForever

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Say hello to your new Featured Insider: verysuiteboy!




Insider since: June 15, 2014

Marriott Rewards status: Lifetime Platinum


About me: I'm a Florida native, raised in Miami but later went to school in Peoria (IL) for a change of pace.  After graduating I moved to West Hollywood, CA where I met my honey of nearly 26 years. We have two cats, Richmond & Ranger, and have since moved around to Centreville, VA and more recently Schaumburg, IL where we currently reside. We plan on moving to Fort Lauderdale in a few years.


I've always had a love of travel & vividly remember my first trip to Honduras as a 10-year old!  More recently, that fondness has translated into my employment by one of the world's largest airlines, approaching 23 years!  My job has allowed me to appreciate far-flung cultures like Greece, Thailand, Australia, India, China & Israel. I've also been to Hawaii roughly 40 times. I stay with Marriott wherever & whenever I can, plus I can now safely include Starwood in the mix!


I thoroughly enjoy participating in the Insiders group, and I immensely value the insight & advice of the many veterans on the site.  For anyone who's simply been lurking but not participating, I invite you to tell us your stories too! 


Fun facts:  I recently tasted the world's hottest chili pepper, the Reaper, and even though it burned my mouth for nearly an hour, I enjoyed it. Also, I flew to Germany and back simply to enjoy the ride in First Class, with just 5 hours on the ground in Frankfurt, to celebrate (then) 20 years at my airline!


Favorite Hotel: San Juan Marriott, for their friendliness, hospitality & service.  I've stayed there five times, and my heart goes out to the good people of Puerto Rico, who've seen their lush island decimated by a couple of hurricanes recently.


Bucket-list destinations: Cape Town (South Africa), Machu Picchu (Peru), Easter Island (Chile), & the Maldives. 


May you always enjoy your journeys & arrive home safely!


verysuiteboy, we love reading your travel adventures, thank you for sharing them with us and the community. Congratulations on achieving Lifetime Platinum this year - what a huge accomplishment! We can't wait to see where you go next!

-The Community Managers