Congratulations to Our Latest Live Elite Winner, @meltravel

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Kudos to meltravel, Silver Elite member and our new winner of 20,000 points! Here’s what meltravel had to say about our latest Live Elite topic, the Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card:


“I got the card in October … I make sure that I charge ALL travel related expenses as you earn double, triple miles for them. Often times I hear friends saying that they went through Expedia to reserve rooms. It may appear to be cheaper … but you can’t earn points on it like they could if they booked direct with Marriott.

By doing this — it allowed me to go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip with my sister where I took her to London, Paris and Rome. We stayed in some amazing places.

I think often times people hear “Marriott Rewards” and they don’t realize that there are many options under that heading — Renaissance, Residence Inn, etc. as well as ALL the brands under SPG [administrator’s note: through transferring points from your linked account]. The biggest trick is — you have to do the search on the Marriott website instead of using an online system like Expedia.” Read full post

Thanks to all the Insiders who posted detailed comments about status received, rewards earned and experiences enjoyed. Here are three we thought were especially inspiring. Each of the Insiders below wins 1,000 points.

1. “The Marriott Rewards card is my 'go-to' card … I also use the Marriott Rewards Premier Business card for all things business.  Basically, both Marriott cards have replaced all other cards and have enabled me to advance towards my goal of Lifetime Platinum status.  The 15 elite qualifying nights that are awarded for a card is a BIG step towards achieving and/or maintaining next level status.  Also, let's not forget the free night voucher.  I had two vouchers which allowed me to spend two nights at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center hotel that normally would have cost me $400+ per night that particular weekend as it was during the premier of the Detroit Auto Show.” – greekbecky Platinum Elite member. Read full post

2. “The Marriott rewards card from Chase was actually my first travel card … My main deal when getting this card was the free annual night.

Next for me is definitely the elite night credit for 3k spend. This year almost all of my spend (except 10k that will go on my Ritz card just in case) will be going on my Marriott business card. With that I do think I'll be able to finally hit platinum.

A lot of people say cards with annual fees aren't worth it for those who don't travel often but I feel the opposite. I don't travel nearly as much as some of the road (and/or sky) warriors here (seriously how do you not call yourself sky warriors, that is so cool #Millenial) but I feel like between my 3 cards in the marriott rewards program I definitely travel more than I could otherwise.” – jsucool76 Gold Elite member Read full post

3. “For us this Card was a ‘dream become truth.’ We used the extra points to make our best Marriott hotel trip of all the time. Without this credit card it would not been possible for us to stay during New Years Eve in magnificent Rio de Janeiro and see the stunning fireworks over Copacabana.” – worldtraveller29 Platinum Elite member Read full post




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