Alert: Email Phishing Scam

Blog Post created by communitymanagers on Mar 3, 2017



We recently learned that a fraudulent email has been circulating which appears to be a legitimate Marriott Rewards email, but it is not.  Known as “phishing” or “spoofing,” emails of this sort typically incorporate a company’s branding, colors, and messaging in order to trick you into providing personal information or click on invalid hyperlinks or attachments that if activated, may cause a virus.

At this time we do not believe that our systems security or any personal information was compromised by this “phishing” incident.

If you receive any suspicious emails, especially those requesting you update your profile or provide personal information, we urge you not to follow any links provided or click on any “buttons” or attachments. Instead, simply delete the email. If you've accidentally selected a link, you should run a virus scan immediately. 

Below is a version of the fraudulent email that has been brought to our attention:

Phishing scam.PNG


More information on computer security and phishing scams can be found on the Federal Trade Commission's Web site:


-The Community Management Team