Preview 2016 hotel category changes – current categories are still available until March 24, 2016

Blog Post created by communitymanagers on Feb 17, 2016
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Insiders, you’re the first to see the list of hotels that are moving to new categories. This sneak peak is also your chance to look at any hotels you’d like to book now — you can still reserve using the 2015 categories until the changes take effect March 24, 2016.


See the full list of hotel category changes. If you book by March 24, 2016, you can redeem for your stay under the 2015 rates even if you stay after that date.


How many hotels are affected?

82% of the properties remain unchanged.

62% of all the properties will remain in Categories 1-4.

18% of the hotels are changing. Of those changing, 30% are decreasing by one category and 70% are increasing by one category.


*NEW!* – March 24, 2016 is also the day you can begin mixing cash and points for reservations of one night or more using the NEW Cash + Points.


Please note:

  • All redemption reservations booked on or before March 24, 2016 will be honored at the current point price, even if the stay occurs after March 24, 2016. If you have not ordered your certificate prior to March 24, 2016, contact Guest Services prior to your stay to request the lower-priced certificate.
  • As always, you may book redemption reservations up to 50 weeks in advance of your stay, even before having the required points in your account.

Safe travels, Insiders!