Say hello to your new Featured Insider!

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Say hello to your new Featured Insider: foxglove!


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About Me: I began teaching in 1983, first at the high school level and now at UGA. My current position allows me to combine two primary interests: the natural world and language arts. I teach all aspects of academic and technical writing to undergraduates studying to become tomorrow’s natural resource managers. My wife shares my passion for words – she retired last year after a 33-year career as a science writer and editor.


Interests: We’ve been gardening for 35 years, which has instilled an abiding interest in vegetarian cuisine and cooking. Using our homegrown tomatoes, peppers, beans and herbs, I’ve taken the top prize numerous times in the vegetarian category of the school’s annual chili cook-off.


Coming Up: I plan to retire in 2016, and we intend to ramp up our travels to experience more of the natural beauty of North America. Both the Pacific Northwest


If you've been browsing Insiders for a while now, you've most likely already come across foxglove. He always has in-depth write ups about recent trips, and his blog, The Foxglove Garden, is full of great insight. Thanks for being such a great Insider, foxglove