Hotel Reviews removal coming soon

Blog Post created by communitymanagers on Jan 27, 2015

Hey Insiders,


We are working on the removal of Hotel Reviews from Insiders, and it should be complete this week. There will be some testing on the site this week to ensure everything is running smoothly with the removal of Hotel Reviews, and there will be inevitable ongoing “clean up” to remove all mention of Hotel Reviews from the site.


You may see some ‘Error’ pages

Once the Hotel Reviews section is removed, you may still see some reviews in areas that feature Trending Content, or the More Like This section. If you click on these reviews, you will see an Error screen since the reviews pages are no longer live. Eventually, these sections will phase out reviews too.


Why are you removing Hotel Reviews?

If you missed the posts where we announced the Hotel Reviews removal, you can learn more about it here: Verified Ratings and Reviews launching on and here: Insiders Updates are Coming.


Up next?

After Hotel Reviews have been removed, next we will be working on updating Blog Posts to behave like Discussion posts so that they won’t quickly be buried on the main page and there will be more exposure for your remarkable personal blogs.


Thanks for your patience as we make these changes and work to improve the overall Insiders experience!