Insiders Updates are Coming

Blog Post created by communitymanagers on Nov 25, 2014

Hey Insiders,


Happy Thanksgiving Week!


I’m really excited to share updates that are coming to the Insiders community. Many of these updates are items we have all been collectively talking about for some time now, so I hope you’ll share in my excitement!


In the next couple of months, expect to see the below changes come to MRI:


Hotel Reviews

The Insiders website will undergo maintenance to completely remove the Hotel Reviews section from the community. This is due to Verified Ratings and Reviews now appearing on hotel websites (more info on that here: Verified Ratings and Reviews Launching on  As has been discussed, if you have something to share about a particular property, start a Discussion around it, rather than leave a Review.


Blog Activity

I know this is something many of you have wanted for a while now! Blog posts will be updated to behave just like Discussion posts in the Recent Content Widget. Blog posts will appear in the content list based on the time of the last comment (so they will resurface when there is a new comment made), and the name next to the post in the Recent Content Widget will belong to the most recent commenter.


Updated Insiders Homepage

I’ve been working hard on a redesign of the Insiders homepage. I’m happy to say that the updated, refreshed homepage will be live in the next couple of months! I don’t want to give too much away, but I focused on four main areas in the redesign: refresh the content, make it more intuitive to navigate through, highlight Rewards program news and give more prominence to member blogs. I’ll be sharing a more detailed post on the redesign where I’ll include screenshots so you can see what it will look like. I can’t wait to share it with you and hear your feedback!


I’m sure some of your Thanksgiving travels have already started and I hope you enjoy your week with your families!