Don’t miss Arne’s next blog article which answers a suggestion directly from Insiders

Blog Post created by communitymanagers on Dec 2, 2013

Greetings Insiders,


We recently announced the launch of Arne Sorenson’s LinkedIn blog and solicited your suggestions for future articles, and without further ado… here’s a quick tease of the article which posts on LinkedIn this afternoon and the Insiders with the winning suggestion.


Insiders anadyr and brodiejoseph will each receive 1,000 free Marriott Rewards points for suggesting "where and when Marriott decides to expand".

Don’t forget to follow Arne’s blog for updates on all future articles and here’s a snippet to wet your appetite:

“The answer is deceptively simple. We rely on hard data and instinct.


The data comes in the form of market research, growth predictions, travel trends, available property and partnering opportunities.


The instinct part is a feeling, developed by many in Marriott International over years of experience. It takes hold as a sudden revelation.


Our recent decision to sign a letter of intent to partner with Protea Hotels in Africa is a good example of this combination of science and serendipity.  The move, which would nearly double our presence on the continent, makes sense because Africa is a terrific opportunity for any hospitality company. It’s a growing market. Sub-Saharan Africa has an expected annual GDP growth of more than 5 percent, growth that will further support a burgeoning middle class, which, in turn, will fuel intra-Africa travel as well as attract international business and leisure travelers."



Thanks again everyone for your suggestions and stay tuned for answers to more of your submitted questions.