Happy Holidays Insiders - Here's a Preview of the Community's Focus for 2013

Blog Post created by communitymanagers on Dec 19, 2012

Greetings Insiders


Here’s a quick break from all the things have on your mind this time of year – we wanted to give you a preview of some things to look forward to as Marriott Rewards Insiders in 2013.


If you have not yet voted for our inaugural Roady Awards, please sign in to vote for each award category by December 31 to recognize your peers for their contributions to the community. We’ll have the final Roady Award winners in January and we’ll also then reveal the Insider of the Year Award. Learn more about the Roady Awards.


As we celebrate the best of 2012, here’s a deeper dive into our focus for the community in the coming year. As a result of our satisfaction survey this past fall and our daily conversations with you, we’re focused on improving the overall navigation to help you find what interests you and improving the ways in which the community’s feedback is heard. We appreciate your participation and hope you'll all stick around to be part of the solution in 2013 because we're committed to including the community as we work on the following:



Community Navigation

It’s somewhat of subjective task to “find what’s important” since we’re all looking for something different at different times, but we realize there are some scenarios that with a little attention could really improve your experience. Like when you’re finished reading a thread and you want to skip to a new section of the community or even find other new and related conversations within the same topic. Right now you may feel lost in these scenarios, but we already have some ideas that we’ll put together for you before we write a line of HTML.


In the meantime, we’ve made an iterative change to introduce a collapsible navigation list on the homepage and each discussion topic (Travel, Program Conversations, The specified item was not found., The specified item was not found.). While this doesn’t yet help with the scenarios above, the collapsible list allows us to include links to more than just sections of the community. For instance, we’ve included links to all categories within each of the four topics, and within Community Central, you can drill down to Community Help & Support or more specifically, Browse FAQ's, Ask Customer Care, or Getting Started Guide.


Community Feedback

Listed second here but equally as important to the community is improving the sense that your feedback is heard, which we’ll tackle in a few ways. The first and most obvious is that we’d like to be more involved in the conversation and responsive to questions or inquiries. That won’t necessarily mean we’ll be the first reply on a thread or that we’d reply to everything, but it may simply mean validating replies from your peers. We realize you won’t always agree with some of our answers, but we’d like to decrease the time it takes to get you information.


We’re also looking to take greater advantage of our new Innovation Sparks framework to better capture the community’s feedback in 2013. We’re currently building a calendar of Sparks so you’ll have more opportunities to provide feedback on subjects of hopefully more interest.


The key to increasing the strength of community’s collective voice is through greater participation with Sparks in 2013. Our last Spark was our most successful to date, where we received feedback from nearly 100 Insiders, but we’d ultimately like to hear from thousands of you. Learn more about Innovation Sparks and “join the group” to participate in future Sparks. Ground Rules.



The highest rated aspect of the community from our satisfaction survey was the abundance and diversity of information available from Marriott Rewards members like you. We’re working to make it easier to find all that great information and include you and your feedback into the overall conversation. Stay tuned for even more exciting community news.


Safe travels and happy Holidays to you and yours!




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