Outdated content will be archived and identifiable by grey icons

Blog Post created by communitymanagers on Nov 2, 2012

Greetings Insiders


We hope everyone on the East coast is safe and recovering from the effects of hurricane Sandy. We're especially thinking of everyone in New York and New Jersey that are still coping with flooding and lack of power. Thanks to painedplatinum who started the Hurricane Sandy..Updates thread to share updates.


There's no easy segue back to the community, but on a much lighter note, you'll begin to notice some new grey icons around the site and discussions with a grey background which is completely intentional and a result of our new archive feature. Since there’s a plethora of insights and discussions across the community, this is our new way to identify which information may be out of date or irrelevant at this point (ie. discussions about the first iteration of Insiders or old MegaBonus discussions). For your convenience, all archived content is still 100% available and you can still reply to archived discussions that are not locked.


These are your visual cues that the content may no longer be relevant:

1) A grey icon instead of the typical orange icon



2) The blue “Archived content” message at the top of the discussion



3) And the background of the thread itself will be grey



Here's an FAQ for more details, What does it mean for content to be outdated?

How you can help:

Archiving discussions is a manual process, so please share outdated or irrelevant content with me communitymanagers whenever your see it so I can archive it.