Marriott Rewards 2012 Hotel Category Changes

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Greetings Insiders,


We have the list of new hotel categories for 2012 for you, which are effective for all reservations made after March 15, 2012.


Based upon your feedback in years past, we are releasing the full list of changes for 2012 (categories 1-8). You’ll find each hotel moving downward or upward by one category level within this PDF. To give you a sense of the impact of these changes with respect to the overall portfolio of brands and properties, 3% of hotels are decreasing by one category (100 hotels) and 15% are increasing by one category (526 hotels).


Again, these changes will go in to effect starting Thursday, March 15, 2012 so any reservations made prior to March 15 will be honored at the current category. If you have an existing redemption reservation at a hotel that is decreasing in category, you may call Marriott Rewards® Customer Support at 801-468-4000 to adjust the reservation after March 15.


Thanks and safe travels!

Andy & the Marriott Rewards team




If you’re not familiar with hotel categories, here are a few FAQ’s to help.


What is a hotel category?

Hotel categories determine the number of Marriott Rewards points necessary to redeem for a free night. For instance a category 4 hotel requires 20,000 points while a category 8 hotel requires 40,000 points (Here’s the full table). Marriott Rewards has 8 hotel categories which are determined by prior year redemption volume at each hotel and are not determined by brand, rate, amenities, location, or services offered.


What causes a hotel category to change?

Every loyalty program performs an annual audit on the categories that are assigned to each property. A hotel’s category can change based on the number of redemption nights at that property in the prior year. Marriott Rewards makes an effort to minimize these changes to maintain stability across the portfolio of properties.


How many hotels are affected?

In 2012, 82% of our properties will remain unchanged. Approximately 3% (100 hotels) will decrease by one category and about 15% (526 hotels) will increase by one category. With 81% of the Marriott Rewards inventory continuing to reside in Categories 1 – 4 members will continue to enjoy great flexibility when choosing a redemption destination. We have also included a chart that outlines the Marriott Rewards hotel category distribution for 2011 versus 2012.


Marriott Rewards Hotel Category Distribution 2011 vs. 2012


Category2012 Hotel Distribution