Talk to Customer Support about your questions here within the Insiders community

Blog Post created by communitymanagers on Feb 15, 2012

Greetings Insiders


The Marriott Rewards Insiders community allows members to share personal stories, experiences or advice and we're pleased to see so many travel-related conversations! There have also been a fair share of Customer Support-related questions as the community has evolved, which prompted some Insiders to suggest a designated area for these conversations.


Since you had such a great idea, you can now post questions specifically for either Customer Support or The specified item was not found. through the Insiders community. These are not  real-time chat areas but they will be monitored by Marriott associates to ensure you receive an answer. You should still contact Customer Care directly for immediate assistance.


The same terms of use apply to these support areas, so no personally identifiable information (name, address, Marriott Rewards number, credit card number, etc.) should be included in your questions to Customer Support or Marriott Rewards Support. We may follow up with you privately via direct message or email for any additional information which would help troubleshoot specific concerns.


Since this is a pilot, this implementation within the Insiders community may change or be eliminated all together. So let's make the most of the opportunity to have such valuable resources in Customer Support as part of the community by only posting sincere questions in these two areas, not conversations. The rest of the community is available for your travel-related conversations.


Safe travels!




Customer SupportMarriott Rewards Support

Feel free to ask Customer Support questions about the following:

  • using
  • making or adjusting reservations
  • a specific stay or property amenity
  • an issue with a recent stay
Feel free to ask The specified item was not found. questions about the following:
  • account activity like missing or posted points
  • elite benefits
  • Marriott Rewards promotions
  • Marriott Rewards Redemptions