A New Year’s Resolution for 2012

Blog Post created by communitymanagers on Dec 27, 2011

Greetings Insiders


We've had an eventful year - launching the community on the new platform, introducing additional Marriott associates to the community, piloting ratings & reviews, launching photo albums and ideas, and introducing Spirit to Serve nominations to Insiders - and we're excited about 2012!


We thought we’d tee up a New Year’s resolution for us all – let’s start 2012 with a clean slate. While we don’t have a preference for your discussions being all travel or some personal, we think there is merit to both as a healthy community. We encourage you to take responsibility for yourself in 2012. If you want travel conversations, post more travel conversations and don’t contribute to off topic discussions if they don’t suit you. If you're not finding the information you’re looking for on a particular Marriott topic or destination, you can always pose the question to solicit feedback from the community.


Some of you have been Insiders since it was a small, closed community while others have only recently discovered this community of road warriors and vacationers. So whether you’re intimately familiar with us or not, we're still as committed as ever to make this community your go-to travel resource by making sure there’s something for everyone.


Your feedback has helped guide the development of our ratings & reviews pilot (can't get more Marriott or travel-related than that!), made personal blogs available for everyone, and we're taking your suggestion to soon create a Customer Support area so those posts can both get their due attention and allow everyone to discuss travel throughout the rest of the site.


Coming in 2012, we’ll have some travel-related contests and promotions so stay tuned. Thanks you for your continued participation and your loyalty.



Safe travels and Happy Holidays!

Andy and the Marriott Rewards Team