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Greetings Insiders and smartphone users

If you have not already updated your Marriott smartphone app, click here to learn more and find links to the appropriate app store.


Here are a few things you’ll notice:

  • new look overall and feel
  • add reservations to your calendar directly from the app
  • search for hotels without imputing dates
  • cancel a reservation
  • and Android users can store the app to an SD card if you chose



Attention Marriott App users -


We’ve identified a potential issue for Rewards members who cancel a Cash + Points reservation via the Marriott App but we are working on a solution – we’ll keep you posted.


Current issue: If you cancel a Cash + Points reservation via the Marriott app your points are not automatically returned to your account.

Temporary workaround: Until we have the fix for the Marriott App in place, please cancel a Cash + Points reservation on or call Customer Care.


Thanks for your understanding and we’ll keep you updated.