Revised missing stay form

Blog Post created by kristines on Feb 22, 2013

Hello Insiders


Did you know that the Missing Stay Request has been updated to give you more ways to submit your request? You can now send in your form electronically, by fax or mail when you use the Missing Stay Request link. This is located in the Account Activity section of your Marriott Rewards online account. Here’s how to use these options:


1. Log into your Marriott Rewards account, go to My Account Overview and then Account Activity.


2. Under the Transactions section, select the Missing Stay Request Form.

3. This will open the form. Complete the information in section 1.

4. In section 2, select the check-out date of your missing hotel stay.

5. Below the check-out date, indicate if you have a digital or paper copy of your hotel bill, or if you don’t have a copy.

6. If you have a digital copy of your hotel bill, select Browse to access your hotel bill. After the bill has been added, select Submit

7. If you have a paper copy, you can either attach a scanned copy or photograph of your hotel bill, or you can fax or mail us your bill with a printed request form.

A. If you have a scanned copy or a photograph of your hotel bill, select Browse to upload your bill and then Submit.   

B. If you have a paper copy of your bill and would like to fax or mail your request, enter the name, city, country and US state of the hotel in the available fields. Then, select Generate Printable Form to open a new window with your information. Print this page and attach it to your fax or mailed request.  You’ll find the fax number and mailing address on the printed page. 

8. If you do not have a copy of your hotel bill, you can use your hotel confirmation number or provide the stay dates and hotel information to submit your request.

A. If you have the confirmation number of your stay, enter it and Submit.

B. If you don’t have the confirmation number, you can enter your check-in date and the name, city, state and country of the hotel and Submit.

C. If you do not have a copy of your bill, a confirmation number or stay information, contact us at the provided email address or contact Marriott Rewards Customer Service.

And, those are your new options of submitting a Missing Stay Request.

If you have any questions regarding a missing stay, feel free to contact Marriott Rewards Customer Support at 1-801-468-4000.