How to save hotels in My Account

Blog Post created by kristines on Nov 1, 2012

Hello Insiders


Did you know that you can save hotels in you Marriott Rewards account? By using this tool, you can easily find your favorites to view hotel deals, make a reservation or find area information. Here’s how to save your favorite hotels:


  1. Log into your Marriott Rewards account and click on My Account Overview.
  2. In the middle of the page will be My Saved Hotels. Click on the + Add more hotels link. 
  3. On the “Hotel Directory” page, select the region, country or state of the hotel you want to save.
  4. When your hotel results appear, you can use the filters on the left to sort the hotels by city, brands, etc.
  5. Click SAVE HOTEL.
  6. The hotel should display as HOTEL SAVED. Repeat this process to save up to 20 hotels.
  7. Once you have finished saving hotels, click on My Account Overview in the My Account box.
  8. On your “My Account Overview” page, two of your saved hotels will display. To see all saved hotels, click on Member Profile
  9. Under My Saved Hotels, click Book this hotel to enter dates to view room rate or Learn more to view the hotel’s deals and promotions. Click Remove to delete any hotels from your listing.

And, that is how you can save hotels within your account.